Thursday 6 December 2012

How To Make Gluten Free Breadcrumbs

homemade breadcrumbs in a mini chopper
Homemade Is Always Best
I was in the process of making a Chicken and Tarragon Kiev when I realised that I didn't have enough pre-bought gluten free breadcrumbs. It was the best thing to have run out of ever because making my own provided a much better result. It's so quick and easy, I'll never by pre-made again.

I've been using Hale and Hearty gluten free breadcrumbs for years and they've always been great but there's no comparison to those and the ones I made.

homemade gluten free breadcrumbs
They Served Me Well
Like I say, these breadcrumbs have been a staple in my cupboard for years now and I've created a lot of recipes using them. Just so happenes that I've bettered them.

gluten free breadcrumbs on a plate
It couldn't be more simple but you'll need a chopper of some description. I use a Kenwood Mini (UK / US ), it's great for a small kitchen like ours.

To make the breadcrumbs I used a trusty DS Gluten Free Brown Ciabatta - the only gluten free bread worth eating in my opinion.

I cut it into three slices and toasted it until crispy, I then broke the slices up, put them in the chopper, whizzed a bit and hey presto, homemade breadcrumbs! Best to spread them evenly on a flat surface so they dry out before using them.

There's really no comparison between these and the shop bought ones I had been using, see the original Kiev recipe to compare.

chicken kiev
My Finest Kiev To Date
half of a chicken kiev
Tastes As Good As It Looks
If you want to make this kiev the recipe linked above is exactly the same, just use your own breadcrumbs. I didn't think I could better my kievs, but I did.


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