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Sriracha Hot Sauce

flying goose sriracha
Flying Goose Sriracha
If you have an addictive personality this is one of those things that is best avoided, for you will get hooked. I'm a big chilli fan and no matter what incidents have occurred because of this, I always go back for more.

I started seeing the name Sriracha earlier this year but for some reason I was never tempted by it, the more it kept cropping up though and the great things people were saying about it made me want a piece of the action. So far, so good. Maybe one incident.

Ingredients were checked and the brand I have, Flying Goose doesn't have any gluten containing ingredients. I've emailed the manufactures to get a confirmation that there's no gluten in the production process but four days in and I'm still waiting, I doubt I'm getting a response but that's another post; Bad customer service.

So I can't confirm that Sriracha is gluten free, but here's the ingredients: Chilli 70%, sugar, water, garlic, flavour enhancer: E621, acidity regulator: E330, stabilizer: E415, preservative: E202.

If I sound a bit stern in the following sentences, apologies but I want to point something out. Yes, I know there are E numbers in Sriracha, so before you write me a pedantic comment telling me that my DNA will be changed or that my head is going to fall off because I eat such terrible things (yes I've actually had that type of comment) I'd like to point out that this is a gluten free blog, not a healthy holier than thou my body is a temple blog . Healthy from my personal perspective is totally avoiding gluten. I've never claimed that what I write about is healthy, Free From G is essentially a gluten free comfort foods blog.

If I start writing about how it's okay to cheat once in a while, how a little gluten won't kill you, then you can complain. For the record, it's not and long term it could.

So Sriracha, it's a hot sauce that goes with anything savoury. If you try it you will definitely have a *put the bottle down* thought or two because you won't want to. I've tried this on meats and seafood and it goes incredibly well with both.

It's quite a thick sauce so you don't need to dip, you can just pour straight from the bottle onto your bite of choice. This is where it gets dangerous though, when doing this it's very easy to overdo it and though Sriracha isn't among the hottest sauces I've had, it definitely packs a punch the more you ingest. I've overdone it and suffered the consequences, I admit it. It wasn't the first time I've overdosed on chilli and I doubt it'll be the last, I can't help but love the rush from the heat but moderation would be useful.

Sriracha has a really strong garlic flavour which is the first thing you taste, then you get the kick from the chilli. That's basically the flavour, no herbs or spices and no vinegar or lime juice like the ingredients for Blair's Death Sauces, it's a very basic combination but one that works great.

If you like hot sauce then you're sure to like Sriracha, the basic flavour means this goes with anything savoury, I've not used it as an ingredient in my cooking yet but I expect it to work really well. I've had it cold with meat, shellfish, hasselback potatos and crisps and everything has worked so far.

Sriracha is a really good hot sauce that deserves a place in the fridge.

One more post then the holidays begin, so excited!

UPDATE: Here's my recipe for Sriracha Burgers, they're immense!

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