Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Tesco Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cake Bars

tesco gluten free chocolate cake bars
The Things I Do For This Blog
If you're a regular at Free From G you will know that I've been on a bit of a sweet tooth kick recently. Were it not for the blog then I wouldn't really have an excuse to have sampled all that I have done, but seeing as all is being documented in the name of gluten free product research, I've run with it.

Have to say, I've been quite impressed with Tesco branded gluten free stuff recently, these only add to that.

Now I'm new to cake bars and I'm kind of new to brownies too and I've kind of been comparing them side by side. I don't know if this is fair because I'm guessing that a brownie and a cake bar are meant to have completely different textures. I'm no baker.

Anyway, in comparing the two I discovered that these cake bars have the squidge that I was looking for from the brownies, but maybe even brownies made with gluten don't have the squidge factor? Like I say, I'm new to both and have never had a gluten version of either but for the sake of keeping it fair I'll judge the cake bars on their own merits without comparing the two again.

gluten free chocolate cake bars
Separately Packaged
My first impression was of the packaging. Anything gluten free that is individually packed gets the thumbs up from me.

chocolate cake bars
Perforated Plastic For Easy Separation
These cake bars would be ideal to pop into your bag for when you're out and about. I say would, the one complaint that I have is that the individual packs are hard to open. I'm yet to open one by pulling at the plastic in the corners, each time I've had to use kitchen scissors, not so great if you're out unless you carry some with you.

tesco free from chocolate cake bar
Cakey Delight
These are really chocolatey, especially when you get one of the chocolate chips melting in your mouth. The texture as mentioned above has total squidge, slightly crumbly but I eat these with a spoon just like the brownies, so no mess there then. In terms of size, I haven't yet eaten a whole one in one go. Half to three quarters is as far as I've got, I think mainly because of the richness. I could have possibly eaten more and I've definitely wanted to because these are extremely moreish but I've stopped myself each time.

These cake bars are incredibly indulgent and far nicer than I expected them to be. I'm not a huge fan of supermarket own brands when it comes to food (yes I know I'm a food snob!) but like I said earlier, I've been very impressed with what Tesco currently have when it comes to gluten free. Were I to be on a sweet tooth kick again I would definitely buy these for their chocolatey goodness.

In other news it would seem that one of our new neighbours has taken up the piano. We're currently on out of tune one finger playing, I can only hope that they get bored and fast. Don't you just love neighbours?! We've had our fair share of nutcases - one that was taken away by men in white coats in the middle of the night never to be seen again - but this new bunch, they just seem odd. 

There's a woman with a baby who when she isn't listening to indefinable music rather loudly, she's partaking in some sort of woodwork it would seem. The baby cries during both. Then there's a creepy man who lives opposite who likes to step out onto his balcony to smoke. And peer into our window, albeit across some train tracks. It still creeps me out though due to a past experience. I forget the quirks of the others so far as they haven't been constant thankfully. I have a lot of stories about nightmare neighbours.

I have just consumed a DS Chicken and Mushroom Pie whilst writing. Findings can be found tomorrow.

Friday is fast approaching. Yay!

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