Tuesday, 2 October 2012

If You've Ever Wanted To Know What I Look Like...

"I noticed something funny about having you on my lock screen" Said my Gorge in an email earlier.

lee from from g
That was attached.

Such a stunning look, moon face!

Keep eating the cakes Lee, keep on keeping on.

BTW, have a listen, so lovely;

I listened to Capital Gold when I was a kid, odd yes, but that's me. This song I heard over and over and only in the past few days at age... 20 something..., did I find out it was by the late, great George Harrison. Very weird for an ex muso.

I may go deeper into this as I have so many funny stories about musicians, but then again, I may not, we'll have to see (if I can tie it into the gluten free stuff I will. Hard task!)

Night All.

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