Thursday, 4 October 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Free From G!

Well isn't this funny, I didn't even know when I posted earlier. I was thinking about potential posts for the future when it dawned on me that Free From G was created around this time of year. Had a check back and sure enough, 2 years ago to the day my blog was born. Never celebrated the first one, oops.

I can think of no better way to celebrate other than to post some random unseen pics from the past year, hope you enjoy! Oh, and y'know, thanks for reading my rambles :)

bacon bombs
2 Favourite Things: Bacon Bombs and The Smoker

mr men sweets gluten free
New Gluten Free Sweets Discovered

fairy bear
My Fairy Bear
herb seedlings
My Attempt To Grow Herbs
golden persian cat
The Very Floofy But Naughty Baby
mona persian
Because I'm Silly Like That
And here's a few from my most favourite day of the year. Yes I'm a complete child :p If you plan on going to the Harry Potter Tour you may want to stop scrolling now because there's spoilers.

harry potter room under the stairs
Where Harry Slept
professor snape potions room
The Potion Room
gryffindor common room costumes
Gryffindor Common Room
harry potter cloak of invisibility
Cloak Of Invisibility
flourish and blotts
Diagon Alley
A random selection I know, but very me. I posted the photo of the Bacon Bombs because we've had a lot of fun creating different versions and I can't remember which one this was but I never got around to posting the recipe, I kind of thought everyone would be so bored of them at that stage but I love how neat they came out that time. The smoker is used numerous times a week and though it absolutely trashes the hob the flavours we create are so good we just keep on using it time and time again.

I discovered those Mr Men and Little Miss sweets in the Summer when my OH was away. I should have blogged about them seeing as they're suitable but well, if you read Free From G often you'll know that I had a mini meltdown this Summer. I went through a period where didn't want to think about being a coeliac anymore. If you like Haribo, you'll like those, very tasty.

Fairy Bear was a Valentines present from about 3 years back. I always kept her in a box because I didn't want her to get smoke damage, both from cooking and myself. Bad habit, yes I know. I decided that I didn't want her put away in the closet anymore so I finally got her out to look at. The Persian doesn't know what to make of her!

The herbs, well that all went horribly wrong and it was my second attempt this Summer. I had 7 different kinds on the go, was very pleased with myself. Then one by one, dead. Until a week ago I had a single basil seedling still going strong but for whatever reason, gone. There's really no good place for plants in these apartments, put them in the window they get too hot and wilt, put them anywhere else and they last a bit longer but decide to call it a day. I'm am fresh herbless :(

Since we've moved the somewhat naughty Persian has taken it up a level, now she's incredibly naughty. The cat tower scratching post has had to be moved from in front of the window to next to the TV because the curtains were getting shredded. The carpet has been attacked as has the new sofa, though thankfully not too badly. I have a wicker box that I keep vitamins and lotions and potions in, that's been attacked with gusto. She's always been spoilt but was never naughty, never. Then we all moved in together and it's gotten progressively worse and I know who to blame! It isn't me.

I love that app, you choose a classic painting then put yours or someone else's face in, I thought the Pers would make a good Mona Lisa. I have an extremely comical one of my Dad as a cherub but he would disown me if I put it online. The app is called Masterpiece Me in case you feel like being silly like moi.

As for the Harry Potter Tour photos, I could have added a whole lot more but didn't want to go overkill. It was a truly magical day and definitely my best of the past year. 

Photo quality differs greatly with these pics as some was taken with my camera some on the iPhone.

So that's been a bit of the past year in the life of me and Free From G. I'll definitely remember the date next year.

Thanks again for reading :)

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