Tuesday, 16 October 2012

First Gluten Free Baking Experiment, Done!

You know what? After my last update I honestly thought that it was going to be an experimental disaster. However, 2 hours before dinner and extremely full after eating 3 of my 4 test creations (oops), I can honestly say that on first attempt, I'm almost there!!! Woo!!!

I added a little more flour to the sorry wet mess that was the dough and it rectified itself without much effort at all. Rolling it out was pretty darn easy.

cheese straw pastry
Pretty Pleased With That
You can probably see that I didn't grate the cheese but cut it into small slices instead. I'm not sure if I'll grate it next time or not.

I didn't want little straws, I wanted chunky straws like I used to eat.

gluten free cheese straws baking dish
Nothing Regimented Here
At this stage I was still wondering how on earth they were going to turn out. I shouldn't have worried.

making cheese straws
First Gluten Free Baked Goods Ever!
With hindsight, when I added the extra flour I should have also added more cheese. I'm going to try a 2 cheese one next time and hope that it's good enough for a recipe post, I'm very, very close!

gluten free cheese straws experiment
Not Bad For A First Attempt
They need a slight tweak on flavour, more cheese, more salt and possibly a little spice or something, I'm not quite sure what yet. As they cooled the flavour and texture got better and as they say the proof is in the eating because I'm stuffed, so much so that I'm really uncomfortable. Once I had one I couldn't stop and I know I can do a lot better so this is a great sign. Others may post the recipe at this stage but I want to do the best I can. Like I always say, if it isn't my kind of perfect it doesn't get posted.

So with a very full tummy I feel that I can give myself a decent pat on the back for this first gluten free baking attempt. No one could be more surprised than me about how it turned out! Thanks so much for reading and sharing the experience :)

(If you want to see the finished result the recipe is here.)

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