Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Feedback On My Novice Baking Attempt

I'm yet to do what is hopefully the final experiment on the cheese straws because quite frankly, I'm afraid of eating them. I don't know where these thick people who go gluten free for weight loss get that idea from, this blog is in danger of increasing my weight quite rapidly! I'm not baking them until my Glutenite is home from work, safety in numbers.

Writing of he the lovely one, I got him to taste the last cheese straw. I didn't think he would as he isn't a snacky person but last night he tried it and the feedback I got made me over the moon. I think that there is no better judge of gluten free food than the Glutenite as he has gluten for lunch, then comes home to a gluten free dinner, his taste buds are vivid with gluten tastes and textures, mine have a very hazy memory.

This is what he said:
  • Best gluten free bready/baked thing I've had
  • I wouldn't have thought it was gluten free
  • It crumbles in the mouth rather than turning into a sticky mush
  • I've never had a cheese straw but imagine that if I did it would taste exactly like that
  • I kept asking for more and if I could have the last bit (I gave it to him just for a little bite then took it away, didn't expect him to finish it!)
  • If there had been more I would have eaten them
Praise indeed and from someone who had only eaten gluten earlier that day. I asked him if he would have posted the recipe in its current form and he said yes. But as you may be realising about me if you're a regular reader, I strive for my idea of perfect when it comes to food. I still think I can better them and I will.

I have a lovely Autumn/Wintery recipe written up and ready to post but I want a photo of it served. It's actually dinner! It may go out later today, if not definitely tomorrow along with *fingers crossed* the cheese straws recipe. 

Nothing from Roddy. I'm getting quite annoyed now.

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