Tuesday 5 September 2017

Gluten Free Pastry Pizza

jus rol gluten free pastry pizza
Loaded Pastry Pizza
Well hello again :)

In keeping with my current form I thought I'd share another lazy meal idea, the Pastry Pizza, ta da!

I'm a huge fan of puff pastry, (bit of a weakness actually) and so when we discovered that Jus Rol had brought out a conveniently pre-rolled sheet we had to immediately try it. Cue however long later and I swear that I think I've eaten at least 50 of these things since. I can safely say that I highly recommend.

A few years back I got a bee in my bonnet about making gluten free puff pastry. Yeah, bit of an abomination that was, but I tried. If you're new to reading about my gluten free adventures you need to know that me and baking do not mix. Being precise and using science aren't my forte, not to mention I have two ovens that are both rubbish and never get to a high enough temperature to make anything rise.

Then we discovered Silly Yak gluten free puff pastry. Bit of a revelation that was. Ready made gluten free puff pastry! *I danced*

Though it was in a block and required rolling out. After a while lazy me arrived and I needed even easier.

Then one day whilst perusing the aisles of Tesco, we happened upon a sight to behold;

jus rol gluten free puff pastry
Could. Not. Believe. It.

Utter lazy for my tummy. Get, right, in, and lets have a party!

To the best of my knowledge we've done nothing with it but make Pastry Pizzas, but you could - if you aren't sharing my current mindset - do loads of sweet and savoury stuff using it if you can be bothered.

jus rol gluten free puff pastry sheet
How Convenient Is That?
Pastry Pizza Directions:
  • Pre-heat the oven to 220C (200C If you have a working fan oven)
  • Open the packet and unroll the pastry (already on the paper) onto a baking sheet
  • Chop up a load of stuff and arrange of the pastry
gluten free pastry pizza toppings
Here We Have Sundried Tomatoes And Mushroom
  • Bung some more stuff on top
gluten free pastry pizza raw
Ham, Emmenthal And Lots Of Herbs
  • Slide into the oven and cook for 14 minutes (remember, my ovens are iffy so this is a very vague guide)
gluten free pastry pizza
Look At The Crust, Mmmmm
  • Cut into Pizza slices if you fancy
gluten free pastry pizza slices
Don't Know Why The Glutenite Moved Them All Apart Like That
  • Munch Gluten Free Pastry Pizza
gluten free pastry pizza toppings
Melty Melted
I'm pretty sure that anything you would put on a dough pizza base would work on the pastry, so topping choices are extensive.

If I'm being quick it takes me about 6-8 minutes to prep these toppings (helps if the mushrooms are larger than the ones used here), so a decent filling meal in under 25 mins total. That's pretty convenient and easy I'd say. With a sexy oven it probably takes less.

If I could bung them in the Air Fryer I totally would. 

On kitten watch I observed something while making this lunch. When the Pastry Pizza had a couple of minutes cooking time left, Rolf came and laid opposite the oven. He then kept looking at the oven door then the (silent) timer counting down above him on the fridge, back and forth, back and forth.

Waffle came into the kitchen at the same time and proceeded to lick the floor tiles.

Back soon :)

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