Friday, 18 August 2017

Gluten Free Fast Food Indulgence

tesco frozen free from
Another Of Our Freezer Drawers
I'm just going to have to come out and admit it; I've become incredibly lazy. If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen #waffledrawer yesterday, well... this is more of the same. Frozen gluten free convenience food in my freezer. A sentence I never thought I'd write when I started FFG.

Not because I'm Miss 'fresh and healthy is the only way' - actually make that Mrs now (!), still getting used to that - but because I never thought this level of convenience would ever be available to me as a coeliac.

The combination of a freezer full of gluten free convenience and an air fryer means that most dinners take less than 20 minutes to cook. I have become an 'open the box/bag, tip it in, close the fryer drawer and wait' person. I'm slightly embarrassed but not enough to keep quiet about it.

When I think back to the days of having to make 99% of our meals from scratch... Well if I'd been lazy then I'd have starved. 

Aside of the onion in the onion rings pictured, there are other vegetables being ingested, though I'll be the first to admit, nowhere near enough. I find it funny to think that non coeliac people adopt this diet as a 'healthy option', unless gluten poisons you it ain't healthy. Just look at that freezer drawer!

Onion Rings, Mozzarella Sticks, Southern Style Chicken, Fish Fingers, Breaded Fish Fillets, Chips, Waffles, Crispbakes, Chicken Kievs, I've probably missed something but you get the idea. The combination of those and the air fryer is fast food heaven. Talk about progress for lazy. I went gluten free when the bread was still akin to cardboard and I thought I'd have to live on that and tinned Orgran Spaghetti (which I really don't like) for life. 

Which is why I had to became a gluten free whizz in the kitchen. I could go back to gluten free Chicken Kievs and Southern Style Chicken from scratch and they probably are that bit nicer but currently, lazy is as lazy does. I'm all for opening the packs being the most taxing part of creating a meal these days. For the time being at least.

Join my lazy, buy a super speedy no oil air fryer and be amazed! You'll thank me.

persian kittens
Mr W And Mr R Being A Bit Weird
I have kittens! I can't be expected to do much else but wonder at their floofyness can I?

haribo tangfastics ice cream sorbet
If you're a fan of Haribo and haven't yet, I implore you to indulge in these. They're a bit good :p

Have lovely weekends.


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