Monday, 25 September 2017

Tesco Gluten Free Toad In The Hole

tesco gluten free toad in the hole

As far as comfort foods go, Toad In The Hole was always up there for me. Even as a veggie it was my go to meal using Quorn Apple Sausages, a really easy to put together and relatively quick dinner.

Way back when it was one of the first recipes I published online and it got a ridiculous amount of views and comments. People who had tried but failed previously saying just how simple I'd made it. It was totally simplistic and so long as you had an oven that reached temperature as it should *looks to kitchen with a stench face* it was infallible.

8 years of being gluten free and I have never, ever even come close to replicating that gorgeous puffed up batter of my gluten filled triumph. Not remotely.

I still make Toad and it's lovely, but it's not right, you won't be seeing a recipe for it anytime soon!

I haven't been shopping since we got the Boys (I wouldn't change a thing but we did not take into account just how much chaos these kittens would bring), so this find is all down to my pro-shopper of a husband. He's made some great discoveries recently.

Tesco Gluten Free Toad In The Hole.

gluten free toad in the hole
Pictured Upon A Cat Tent(!)

Remember when it was such a joy to have something familiar that was safe? Like Crossiants - I don't recall the brand but omfg just how bad were they?! - I could still eat Crossiants, yay!! But it wasn't yay, it was like WHAT IS THIS pretending to be a Crossiant?!! It's VILE.

There were a lot of instances where I had that initial warm fuzzy feeling of 'it's okay, I can still have.....'


Just because it's called the same in the gluten free world does not make it so.

Though in this case it actually does! Not going to lie, I could actually rant and rave about just how good this Toad In The Hole Is.

Crispy puffed up batter with a bit of light doughiness inside? TICK
Amazingly seasoned meaty sausages? TICK
Comforting and filling? TICK

I don't have a photo of the actual Toad to show you as first time we had it we weren't expecting that much. Today we had one each for lunch knowing how good it was going to be and I selfishly wasn't thinking about writing this review and sharing this gem. Rude I know.

I can show you this though:

gluten free toad in the hole

After seeing those ingredients it made me feel better about my 8 years lack of gluten free replication.

So yes, if you're a fan of Toad In The Hole then I highly recommend this, Tesco have nailed it. It's delish.

In other news, the kittens are a complete breath of fresh air and just what we needed. Neither of us has slept properly since we got them and there's constant waywardness but overall it's a delight to have them and blimey, are they entertaining.

persian cat cuddles
And Cute.
Something else to share is that my clever Glutenite has made an app. It all began when he put an Emoji keyboard on my phone years ago (I still find the vegetables very amusing). For some reason I took to calling them Emjoy's, he found this funny. Countless corrections of "Em-O-Jee" have never stuck, so Emjoy it is.

His amusement at this inspired him to make a cute little game for me recently!

It's called Emjoy and you have to find Emoji's before time runs out. I can cope with losing when it's a face (I find those tricky) but the other day a tempura prawn got the better of me and I wasn't amused. Shellfish does not hide from me!

If you fancy a go it's in both app stores for free. Check it out, it's a fun little time waster (the food levels are my faves of course).

While I've been writing this Toad post, Waffle has been having a wayward turn and seems intent on destroying the bed by claws. It's already been a thing but today it seems to have gone from intent on destruction level 2 to.... 5/6.

Waffle is of course, the Bond villain cat.

chinchilla persian
Just Chillin'
Back soon 🍆 

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