Thursday 2 October 2014

The Pot Of Face Cream And The Wedding

Hello. I've just bought myself a pot of pretty expensive moisturiser because my face was starting to look like a lizard's, all dry and patchy, and yuck. I sampled the cream, lizard face gone! But I only have one application left so needs must.

It really is a necessity not to have a face like a reptile as I haven't mentioned it here but there are weddingy things being spoken of. If you've been with me from waaaaay back you might remember there were weddingy things being spoke of quite some time ago, but nothing came of it. Well, someone stopped being a nincompoop and now we're serious talking about it again.

So yeah, face cream purchase was essential. As is the need to not panic about anything. Difficult. Should you wish to purchase your own expensive face cream - or anything else for that matter - today or any other day, then you could do so via these links Amazon UK / Amazon US and I'd get a teeny tiny bit of money for sending you.

You'd be helping to fund my face and my wedding, how cool is that?! (No really, thank you if you're considering making your next Amazon purchase through those links)

So this wedding stuff - which I'm probably going to bore you silly with in the coming weeks and months - is costly. Really costly. Even to do it on a tiny scale, it's ridiculous.

The local registry office - which I've attended a wedding at and is horrid - will send a registrar to a licensed venue and depending on what time the wedding is, will cost from £408 - £765. A person who is undoubtedly non-fabulous is going to cost us that. Just a normal person.

Then there's where to have the ceremony (it's all going to be very low key). I hate the local registry office and I doubt others are much better. I expected Marylebone to be quite something seeing as how it's considered the 'cool' one with lots of musicians getting married there but no. I couldn't quite believe how run down the place was.

I've emailed a tennis club in London (how me?!) to see if they could host a very intimate ceremony and after stuff but I'm yet to hear anything back. Mercury retrograde maybe. I'm imagining the cost will be in the thousands and I'll have to win the lottery but hey, a girl can dream. And I'd love, absolutely love to have my photo taken in a wedding dress, on a grass court with a racquet in hand.

(I've decided that should happen regardless of a wedding actually, evening gown instead)

I've not even thought about food. What's in my head is ceremony, small meal, play tennis. (I'm only half joking about the tennis.) Then have a wander around some lovely scenery whilst drinking wine.

But of course who can cater for me? From experience, no one. No gluten, no onions, tomato skins, avocado, pepper of any kind, some E number that I've forgotten. Cross contamination.

It's dreary thinking about all that.

I did see the most beautiful wedding dress online, completely by accident. I haven't been trawling the dress sites. No idea the cost but it's only available in Berlin anyway. Bratwurst.

Speaking of said sausage *read as sossarrrge because that's how I think sausage should be pronounced, it's funny* if you're looking for a gluten free Bratwurst, Lidl have them and they are amazingly good. We've become a bit addicted. They're in a pack of 6 I think near the bacon. Yum.

I'm off to cook some Pho (still tweaking the recipe but will post soon).

Happy Thursday!

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