Tuesday 1 July 2014

Gluten Free Strawberry Cheesecake Toast

strawberry cheesecake toast
Isn't it pretty? I think so, and I'm loving the plate, it's picnicware but I'm of course using it indoors. I've got a thing about picnic stuff, I just find it cute for some - only my brain knows why - reason. Maybe because it's more tactile than regular crockery, lighter, more girly? I don't know.

So this is a really quick little Summery snack using the amazing DS Gluten Free Brioche, it's ridiculously simple but so tasty that I had to share it with you.

I'm finding the heat really stinky as per usual, I can't stand being sweaty. The only times I've ever been ok with it is when playing tennis and that's because I'm always too focused to notice. Due to the heat there's been less cooking, lots of smoking food but less pots and pans than usual. There have been snacky foods and I love snacky foods far more than a proper meal.

I know that my 'Cheesecake' doesn't have a biscuit base but I'm being literal here, the Brioche is very cakey and there's cheese so that's how I came up with the title. Genius I know.


DS Gluten Free Brioche slices
Butter or buttery spread type thing of choice
Plain Philadelphia (fat content is up to you but I use the Lightest because I want a bum that looks like Dolly's did at Glastonbury (I do however realise that this is cancelled out by the Brioche and Butter, I do know))

Now you just put it together:

Toast the Brioche on both sides, butter with butter or spread with spread, slather on a load of Philly, slice your strawberries however you damn well please and chuck lay them on the cheesy base.

Gluten Free Strawberry Cheesecake Toast done.

Tomorrow I'm going to treat you to another equally easy Summer recipe because y'know, I'm nice like that.


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