Friday 4 July 2014

Friday Fings

You can sort of blame Andy Murray or Grigor Dimitrov for this post. It's the latter for me as he put paid to me having a massive Wimbledon Pimm's hangover this year, not something I necessarily wanted to endure but it would have meant that Andy had won and I'll take a bad hangover for his team any day.

That's why the recipe I told you I would share hasn't been posted, I was a bit glum (and I don't like to write FFG posts when I'm anything but a bit silly). That and the fact that when I reviewed the photos I took I couldn't exactly use any of them, I know my lackadaisical approach to photography isn't ever going to result in any show stoppers but this was bad even for me.


It's a really lovely rustic Salsa with a bit of a kick. Well, quite a lot of a kick actually which is funny because it's scorching here and I always used to be anti hot - as in spicy - food when the weather was sweltering, I just couldn't understand eating it because for me that's double the sweats and I'm really not down with that AT ALL.

Well I wasn't, I guess I'm currently OK being sweaty.

I'm sure to be making the Salsa again over the weekend so I'll endeavour to get better photos. Just don't expect too much, huh? I mean the recipe's great it's just the imagery issue.

So tonight I'm experimenting with my first from scratch Risotto. I'm kind of thinking urgh it's too hot to be standing over the hob stirring stock into rice but that's what I'll be doing. I'm looking forward to eating it though, I haven't had Risotto for years. I used to buy a box that had the rice and flavourings already mixed, you just added water and let it simmer for a while. Gallo was the brand, I used to get about 5 or 6 portions out of a box because I could (and can) only eat so little at a time. Great quick meal but totally off limits now due to being riddled with gluten.

If all goes well my from scratch Risotto will be documented in the coming week, if not you'll either get a funny post about how sh*t it was or I'll never mention it again. I'll hedge my bets.

Should you happen to live by a sea or ocean then I'm so very, very envious, I longingly miss that salt water air.

(Being a Brit I don't use the word ocean too often but when I do it usually makes me think of Billy, so I'm now listening to Get Outta My Dreams..... I love my random mind so much)

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