Tuesday 9 July 2013

Weekend Eats On Wimbledon Finals Weekend

mini calippos
Freezer Drawer Comfort
It's been a while, again. On the recipe front there have been no new attempts, equally due to Wimbledon (Yay!), the unbearable heat (Boo!) and my total loss of recipe development skills. You may notice the DS Salami Pizza under the Mini Calippo's, we've been eating a lot of them, minimal effort to add toppings and 16 minutes cooking time makes them ideal for a quick visit to the kitchen for dinner and nothing more.

I cannot stand this heat so cooking for me currently is anything but joyful. I'm still cooking, but I'm not experimenting. Spending hours in the kitchen for something that probably won't turn out right isn't on the agenda. I miss coming up with recipes, documenting them then sharing but the incentive just isn't there at the moment, it's too damn hot.

Strawberries and Cream were devoured during the wonderful Wimbledon final, as was Pimm's. I restricted myself to one during the match but there was more after and Wine. Lots and lots of Wine. I didn't post yesterday as I has somewhat of a massive hangover. Last time I had a massive hangover? After Murray won the US Open. I think I better stop drinking.

A new product was tried over the weekend; Warburtons Newburn Bakery Baguettes. We've been trying to get the DS ones which we love but to no avail. I don't have anything good to say about these.

warburtons baguettes
Just, No
The Glutenite picked them off the shelf and noticed they were lovely and soft so we decided to give them a go. 

warburtons baguettes
They were soft but there was nothing else redeeming about them. There's a really strong taste which I can't describe and an even worse aftertaste, plus despite feeling soft they were actually quite dry. I can't recommended these at all but I will say that the Warburtons Breakfast Muffins (I've only tried the Syrup ones) are a delight and the Wraps are great for convenience.

Saturday lunch is a bit of a regular affair, we've been having Nachos every week for quite some time, they're so good though they never get boring.

gluten free nachos
We've not been smoking the Chicken of late because we're always so hungry when we get back from food shopping. these days I make a dry rub consisting of around a tablespoon each of Paprika, Garlic Salt and Onion Powder then I finish off with a heaped tablespoon of Corn Starch. The Chicken gets fried in the wok once the onions and peppers are soft, it's much quicker that way. Coating it in Corn Starch keeps it lovely and moist, I always wondered how Chinese Chicken had a different texture, that's how.

The rest of our meals are a blur, except for Kebabs, we made them after the final on Sunday so it's all a bit of a hazy recollection. I know that I used my sexy new griddle pan and that the apartment got filled with smoke but other than that the meal got overshadowed by my lust for Tennis. Was yum though.

I'll try not to leave it so long before another post but I'm fearful of constantly moaning about this disgusting heat. Whilst watching the Andy Murray documentary both times I winced at the ice bath segments, right now I'm actually finding one quite appealing.

I'm going to sort my photo gallery out once and for all. It's going to be incredibly boring if I keep forgetting to take photos but I'll endeavour to make it interesting, if nothing else it's guaranteed to be very random. Unintentionally, just like me.

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