Tuesday 16 July 2013

Darling Spuds Gluten Free Crisps

darling spuds crisps
Nice Name
I've spared you my moaning about the heat for a while but I'm back with a new discovery to share. I've not been eating crisps recently, I've been 'good'. To say I had overindulged with everything is spot on, the crispy batter creation was a triumph for me but it also meant that a lot of deep frying occurred, we went a bit overboard.

Having not had any type of crisp for quite a few weeks I had a craving for Burt's Firecracker Lobster flavour, we hadn't had them in ages and were looking forward to munching. No sign of them though at our Tesco, Burt's have been dwindled down to just the Mature Cheddar flavour. I still wanted crisps though and these were discovered on top of a shelf where all the stock that hasn't been put out yet resides.

Once The Glutenite had navigated a box down from the messy storage area the first thing I noticed was the extremely clear no wheat symbol and of course the text that any gluten free'er is delighted to see. The flavour that had caught my eye was Sour Cream with a hint of Mexican Chilli, it was not to be however because although they (and all the Darling Spuds flavours) were gluten free, they also listed Spices as an ingredient. Spices to me probably means Pepper and if you know this blog and therefore a bit about me, you'll know that I'm very allergic to any kind of Pepper the spice.

There was another flavour though, Sea Salt and Italian Balsamic Vinegar, no Pepper, yay! If you like the texture of Kettle Chips then you'll love these.

I've never noticed such clear gluten free information on a packet of crisps before, not on the front of the bag.

darling spuds gluten free crisps
Oh The Joy
More info on the back of the bag too.

darling spuds gluten free
Yup, Definitely Safe
My only negative towards these are that they could do with more flavour. That's my personal view though, they're very lovely but I do like my crisps to pack a punch, these were just a little too potatoey. I'm not a fan of plain salted crisps, not that these are but I would have liked the Balsamic to have come through a bit more. Picky, I know.

Other flavours (also gluten free) are The Sour Cream with a hint of Mexican Chilli as mentioned, Fire Roasted Jalapeno Peppers (spices, no go for me), West Country Cheddar Leek and Pink Peppercorns (interesting, obvious no go here), Crushed Natural Sea Salt, Sun Ripened Tomato, Green Olive and Oregano.

You can see all the ingredient information here.

At the end of our shop we discovered that they were properly sat on the shelf of the free from section, so if you go looking and they aren't with the crisps, maybe that's where they'll be.

Still no new recipes to share, it's currently a case of get in and out of the kitchen as soon as possible due to the heat so just quick meals being made. I'm actually missing my experiments which is a good sign, once the weather gets sensible I shall try and create something wonderful. Try being the operative word here.

I'm totally neglecting the Gallery, not intentionally I just keep forgetting to photograph stuff. Must try harder.

I have a very sweaty head and generally feel like I'm in a slow cooker :(

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