Monday, 24 June 2013

Warburton's Newburn Bakehouse Morning Muffins

newburn bakehouse morning muffins
So, So Good
Apologies for the quiet, can't believe that it was 10 days ago that I last posted. I've been caught up with the Tennis (as always) and I've been looking into a new work project. I also didn't have anything of interest to post about as my Kitchen Mojo is in hiding, it's currently unfindable :(

I do have a new discovery though so I thought I'd share. Saw these on Saturday and had been fancying something cakey so I got them. Oh My. I'm now on a weight loss diet, I've been beyond naughty.

I was really impressed by the Warbourton's Newburn Bakehouse Wraps, I highly recommend them for convenience, so when I saw that these were also made by them I was expecting good things. 

warburtons syrup muffin
Did Not Disappoint
Despite being Syrup flavoured they aren't too sweet, the Sultana sweetness is more apparent than the Syrup, it gives a lovely flavour balance that is delicate but leaves you wanting more. Much more.

The texture of the Muffins is something else. I'm not a big Muffin eater but ones I have tried have been quite heavy, dense almost. I wouldn't call these muffins because the texture is so light and airy, they remind me of Fairy Cakes my Mum would make me as a kid. 

These are moist without being sticky and there's not much crumble about them, they're one of those products that I trust completely but I can't help but think 'are these really gluten free?'. They're that good.

Have to say, these are probably my most favourite gluten free cakey things that I've had. I love the flavour but it's that soft lightness of the dough, the moist bite that gets me. I've not had that exact texture in gluten free form before.

I figure if I'm not being naughty with dinners then 2 of these a week can be excused. Developing that batter was a disaster in terms of calories being consumed.

On a totally different note, I've been meaning to try this for ages, my Sriracha Chocolate in boiling water makes a lovely drink, only tried it out today and it's quite lovely. I think it's keeping my appetite at bay too.

In the coming days (and I've said that before but this time it'll happen) a photo gallery will appear on the site. I always intended it to just document food but I've decided to share whatever I feel like. An extension of the about me section I guess.

It's my favourite time of year and that of my earliest memory; Big pram, old fashioned TV, Wimbledon. I still to this day resent the the fact that I had to go to school while it was on so ever since leaving I've made sure that I had a super cool understanding boss who will allow me complete coverage as I so wish. I did find one not that long out of school but (nothing to do with me!) he got caught doing the dirty and his wife got quite a good deal from the divorce meaning the company was no more. 

Since then I've found the best boss a Tennis obsessive could wish for. 

Me. I'm very lenient.

No Pimm's before 8pm though. Not on a weekday.

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