Monday 10 June 2013

Chilli Pork Sliders

chilli pork sliders
My Mini Burgers
I'm back and with a recipe. If you're a regular reader you will know that the fact this is being posted meant it worked and worked well. My kitchen mojo seems to be returning.

The Glutenite suggested that I make these and I was more than happy to oblige as mini foods are very me, I like small portions. You can use any thick gluten free bread to make the buns for sliders but I opted for DS Ciabattas, they're a firm favourite here and worked a treat, each Ciabatta made two buns.

pork sliders
Free From G Sliders
There's not many ingredients in the actual burgers, it's quite a basic mix for me but very full of flavour. This recipe makes 8 but you can of course alter the amounts to make more or less.


220g Pork Mince
1 Large Chestnut Mushroom
1 Tablespoon Chilli Flakes
1 Small Onion
Large Pinch Sea Salt

  • Put the pork mince into a container
  • Peel and roughly chop the onion, roughly slice the mushroom
  • Put into a mini chopper (or your version) add chilli flakes and salt, mix until a paste is formed
  • Put the mixture into the container with the pork mince
slider mix
Slider Ingredients
  • Mix together until evenly combined
slider patty mix
Slider Mix
  • Section off slider portion sizes by halving the mix again and again until you have 8 portions
slider burger portions
Equal Enough
  • Mold to fit your desired gluten free buns
  • Put under a pre-heated medium-high grill for 18 minutes turning after 9
Rectangular Sliders To Fit The Halved Ciabatta Buns
Printable Version

Couldn't be much more simple than that. To make up the finished sliders I used:

4 DS Gluten Free Brown Ciabattas
Lettuce Leaves
1 Tube Primula Burger Cheese (It's limited edition so won't be around forever)

Cheese And Lettuce On Top And Bottom Buns
I love all Primula Cheeses but this is the latest and possibly the best so far:

Little Kick To It
The overall flavour of these Sliders is delicately meaty, earthy due to the Mushroom and with a kick from the Chilli Flakes. I love the way that Pork and Mushroom goes together, it creates a lovely firm texture too which is a bonus when molding the sliders into shape.

I recommend using a cocktail stick through the middle of each to hold the sliders together.

pork sliders
I was at a loss for how to describe the Mushroom size other than as large and weighing it wasn't giving much away on my non digital scales so here's roughly the size I used:

comparing mushroom size
Mushroom, Mushroom
A bit bigger or smaller isn't going to make too much difference, a few grams won't matter.

We had these on Friday for dinner and The Glutenite enjoyed them so much that we're having them again this evening. I think it says a lot about how good the Ciabattas worked as buns because he eats regular bread products a lot during the week for lunch and he loved these. They also work great for Eggy Bread and Croutons.

Providing that my Kitchen Mojo sticks around there should be at least one more new recipe this week.

Or you may get the reporting of another disaster, we'll see. I really hope not.

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