Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Want Cakey

I'm terrible at making desserts, I've said that many times before but every now and then I think I could do it. I was in one of these moods yesterday, late afternoon, I had baking buoyancy. Usually the feeling passes without me actually attempting anything though.

I think it's nice to have a little something after dinner, I'm still trying to be 'good' and lose a little more weight that I gained starting last Summer when I had a mania for Paprika Sausages, but I felt like a bit of a treat was in order regardless.

We're a bit short on eggs due to me not doing the shopping list properly last week (so excited to have The Glutenite back home) and I'm very fussy about eggs (note: most things) so we'd have to go to a supermarket in order to get more of the kind we like. There's no supermarket in comfortable walking distance and besides, I hate shopping. Food shopping once a week is just about bearable.

So I decided that whatever I was going to make would be eggless.

 I looked up a few recipes - as always, not to use them but just to get a feel for the basic ingredients - and I decided to make a little eggless chocolate cake.

I jotted down my rough ingredients and feeling terribly confident (quite probably misguided) I went to the kitchen to do some.... baking.

What greeted me was a large pool of water covering most of the kitchen tiles. Water running down the cupboards and threatening to help the pool invade our living room carpet.

Someone, most likely me, had left the tap running. I believe I was the last one in there and had washed my hands after giving The Perisan some chicken.

What a fooking mess.

The cupboard under the sink had to be emptied and all the bottles dried and temporarily housed on the work surfaces, cardboard boxes were soggy and dripping, their contents removed and the packaging thrown away. It was a right blooming state.

There would be no eggless cake. No cake at all.

Towels were deployed, kitchen paper was utilised, The Glutenite put a fan heater facing the cupboard under to sink to try and dry it out.

There was no room to make cake. I could have concocted the most brilliant cleaning product ever from the myriad of bottles of the work surfaces but nothing edible.

Luckily dinner was already on and thankfully it was a one pot meal that required no further attention other than serving.

Earlier yesterday whilst both sat working The Glutenite heard a worryingly familiar sound from upstairs. Water was dripping through our bedroom ceiling. Again. This has happened more times than I care to remember. It got sorted quite quickly in this instance but it's still beyond annoying to worry that those upstairs could flood our apartment at any given time. When the kitchen flood happened all I could think was really?

We had water coming in from upstairs, downstairs could have had water coming in from us. I'm reticent to admit this but over the past year or so I've developed an actual fear of flooding. Both being flooded and flooding someone else. It's one of my odder fears.

That baking buoyancy has gone, I still want cake and I'd love to think that if I put my mind to it I could be a minxy little baking goddess but no. It's the thoughts of soggy bottoms and burnt bits that prevail.

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