Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Make Your Own Mince, It's So Worth It

pork mince
Good Pork Mince
I've always used ready bought pork mince but for whatever reason our Tesco began stocking just the extra lean kind. It was ruining our meals because it was too dry and it lacked flavour, so I decided to make my own. What an incredible difference!

A couple of years back my wonderful Glutenite bought me a mincer / sausage making machine for Christmas, I have to admit that it hasn't been used as much as it should have been but all that is about to change. Not only are we getting better quality mince, we're getting the exact fat content that we want and it's also worked out much cheaper than buying prepacked. Results all round.

First off we bought a nice big pork shoulder.

pork shoulder
Don't Recall The Weight
Then we put our mincer together which is so easy and straightforward.

meat mincer
We Had A Small Visitor Who Was Watching
I can't rate this machine enough. A while ago we made a huge batch of sausages and for first timers it was really quite simple. Using this as a mincer is effortless and though he may be best known these days as a supermarket cheese thief, Antony Worral Thompson has put his name to a really good piece of kitchen equipment.

We wanted around 10% fat content so to begin I removed the thick layer of fat from the top.

removing skin from pork shoulder
You'll Be Seeing The Top Layer Again
I was quite happy with the amount of fat that remained so I diced the shoulder up, as I was doing this my Glutenite began the mincing process.

diced pork mince on mincer tray
Into The Hole And Voila! Mince
pork mince coming out of the mincer
Quality Mince Pork
This machine makes it all so simple, you just flick the switch to on, feed it the diced pork, push the meat down the hole with the baton and there you have a whole lot of fresh mince that looks a damn sight better than what you get in supermarkets.

pork being minced
1 Minute In
We had previously been paying £6 for 1KG of the extra lean rubbish, we bought the pork shoulder on special for £7 something and ended up with 2.1KG of great quality mince! I was really impressed by that.

minced pork in the mincer
Cheaper and Better
I think it took about 15 minutes in total to make this mince and most of that was me trying to get the thick layer of fat off with a meat cleaver. Total time of mincing was less than 5 minutes.

I won't be buying pork mince in a supermarket ever again, it makes no sense. The mincer is easy to use, easy to clean, you get the exact fat content that you want and it's cheaper! I'm sold on doing this every few weeks. Whenever we see a pork shoulder on special it's coming home with us being minced then put in the freezer in 400g portions. Would be stupid not to.

Here's a selection of Free From G recipes that include pork mince, we use a lot!

Pigsty Pie

I can't rate our mincer / sausage maker enough and though we haven't used it on a regular basis, whenever we have used it it's worked like a charm for both mince and sausages. No mess, easy to use and clean and great results. For some reason Amazon customers don't agree, but I love ours, I highly recommend it regardless.

If you want to make your own mince our machine can be found here for UK people or there's a very similar one on the US site .

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