Monday, 14 January 2013

Gluten Free Popcorn - Make Your Own Flavours

microwave popcorn
Not Just Butter For Long
Popz Popcorn has always been a favourite, it could always be found in one of my kitchen cupboards prior to being gluten free and it still is. I personally like the sweet flavour best but The Glutenite isn't keen, so we came up with a really simple way to enhance the flavour to suit both our tastes, the butter flavour is the best base for doing this.

microwave popcorn ingredients
Gluten Free Ingredients
You could of course buy popping corn and make flavoured popcorn from scratch but I love the convenience of Popz because unless you put the popcorn into a bowl, there's no washing up! Always a bonus.

We lazily put the unwrapped bag into the microwave:

microwave popcorn
The Pops Make My Ears Happy
Wait until the popping has stopped:

microwave popcorn cooked
Then raid the spice cupboard for our desired flavour combination:

flavoured popcorn
The Glutenite is always in charge of seasoning, in this instance there was a little chilli powder and garlic salt, possibly one other ingredient, but you can use any herbs or spices that you want. It's just a really easy way of making a bag of popcorn a little more exciting.

We recently discovered Bacon Popcorn, it was a bit good. Our most recent popcorn purchase is yet to be sampled but I'm expecting good things, I'll post a review once we've tried it.

Today there has been snow, which reminds me of this. It always makes me laugh.

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