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Yoki Bacon Popcorn

yoki bacon popcorn
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We love Yoki Cheese Bread here at Free From G so we were very excited to see a Yoki gluten free Bacon Flavoured Popcorn in the same section during our last stocking spree*. We're big fans of Bacon as regular readers will know and I've written extensively elsewhere in the past about bacon flavoured things that aren't actually bacon. I didn't expect to be able to get to try something similar to what I had written about as you never see it to buy over here.


Hello Yoki Bacon Popcorn!

So, you know, Saturday night, great dinner, lie back and watch a good film, bring on the Bacon Popcorn!

Earlier in the day I was chilling out glancing over at The Glutenite going through his rss reader, I noticed mention of a film that sounded SO me. A comedy about people trying to sell a haunted house, I had visions of the Money Pit (80's, Tom Hanks and Shelley Long), so slapstick and just ridiculously silly, but this one with ghosts. I thought THIS is going to be brilliant. A quick look at IMDB reviews and yeah, let's watch it!

It got off to what can only be described as a slow start but we stuck with it. About 20 minutes in we decided to get the popcorn. After 3 minutes the bacon smell coming from the microwave was beyond strong, it was bacon flavoured for sure.

After just over 4 minutes it was done, the popping ceased to a slow then non existent pop.

It's hard to shake it around to get the flavour coating everything to begin with because the bag was so full, pretty standard for microwave popcorn. Once the bag had a bit of room though, once well shaken, the bacon flavour was full on. Pretty cool, Bacon Popcorn!

bacon popcorn
The film was resumed, there were ghosts, bad ghosts as expected as this was a comedy but then no slapstick comedic moments whatsoever. None. I wasn't watching for scary stuff, I was watching for all the comedy moments that you could make out of a low budget funny film about trying to sell a haunted house. I had loads of ideas in my mind and was expecting them all to appear, but nothing, not one slapstick moment.

The popcorn became more and more bacony as the bag was shook about delivering flavour to every popped piece of corn. It's an intense flavour that smoked bacon lovers will totally get. I highly recommend.

As for the film, it's called The Selling and was one of the worst films that I have ever seen along with The House Bunny, Beerfest and a few others that I've managed to erase from my memory. I know that comedy and horror don't mix to my tastes but I saw this as pure comedy from the synopsis with jokey ghosts thrown in.

It's farcical, but not in a fun way. The lead character is an absolute joke, you think you're going to get quirky but then all you get is a character that you couldn't give a sh*t about because he's so incredibly annoying. Pretty much the same with the rest of them save a bit of (bitchy) depth from the lead woman character.

What could have been the best thing about this film was the oddball redhead love interest character but she was so motivationally undeveloped and stereotypically 'weird' that she just meant nothing as a character in the end.

I want the time we spent watching The Selling back. Overall, crap story that went nowhere, really embarrassing over acting from the lead guy and other than the 'bitch', who quite frankly was as tame as a kitten, they just played on the big C. To be fair, it's actually the only thing that kept me watching. Will he find the $15,000 per month for medical costs for his mum from the sale of the haunted house to make her well?

We never found out.

Load of rubbish, but the Yoki Bacon Popcorn was fab! Eat some, but with something good to watch.

*One of the world food aisles in the Brazilian section, not free from.

bacon popcorn gluten free
As Clear As I could Get It
Always wanted a film blog! Little glance into film via gluten free food, I enjoyed that!


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