Friday, 14 December 2012

Swivel Store For Herbs and Spices - Have It, Love It, Solved A Big Problem!

swivel store herb and spice organiser
Swivel Motion In Action
This caught my eye a while back but I wasn't sure if it would do the job as well as it appeared to in the photos. After being bought it as a gift I can honestly say that not only has it saved us a decent amount of shelf space, it's also made finding our herbs and spices really easy, not something that was previously the case.

I use lots of herbs and spices in my cooking and I used to keep them divided in two separate trays on one shelf. It meant that I could keep them all together but apart from the ones at the very front, I couldn't identify the others easily.

I'd been looking for a solution for a while but found nothing other than differing typical racks and we have a tiny kitchen so space saving was a must have, they just weren't suitable. I needed something to fit cleverly in a cupboard.

Each time I was looking for a bottle I was having to take either the herb or spice tray out, sometimes both, so I could see what I was looking for but most bottles don't say what they are on the lid so I would have to take out each bottle and check. Not ideal, especially when using numerous for one recipe.

cupboard ingredients
How I Previously Stored The Bottles
It was a pain and not to mention how other things would fall out of the cupboard as I was removing the trays, because when you're short on space, you're short. Things tend to stack up and this was the case for me, bottles and bottles of herbs and spices and then stock pots and tomato puree tubes, salt canisters, you know, the flavour cupboard. It's a treasure trove of goodness but an organisational nightmare.

I wouldn't write about it if I didn't think it was cool. The Swivel Store is amazing for a small space, it doesn't look it but it is. 20 bottles of average size (every brand in a bottle that I know of) herbs and spices stored in one place, easy to see each and every label and with no reaching or pulling out trays and ending up with the rest of the cupboard contents on the floor.

Like I said, I originally looked at this product, thought it would solve our herb and spice cupboard problems and then went, nah, a gizmo that looks a bit boring and won't work.

It does though! I'd still be dropping things all over the floor had it not been bought for us.

swivel store herbs
Easy To See and Grab
I'd love to keep ingredients in jars on worktops to look lovely but seriously, our kitchen is tiny small but it's open plan and so I LOVE it dearly. I have no complaints partly because it is small but we also have a serious amount of equipment and ingredients on hand, it's possible that I'd fill a large kitchen and have storage issues too. Space saving ideas will always be needed.

swivel store
The Other Rack
The Swivel Store has made cooking so much easier. I made a Chilli this week, usually and without exaggeration, I would spend 10 minutes just looking for the herbs and spices (for there are a lot of them in that recipe) and this time it took less than 2 minutes to find them. That's time saved and a less stressful cooking experience.

swivel store compact
All Closed Up and Tidy
This kitchen 'gimmick' is actually a really useful thing to put into your cupboard if you're short on space. It holds 20 bottles, though I could do with another to hold more (not that cupboard space will allow). Because of how it's not only organised the bottles but made identifying them so easy and a big space saver to boot, I can't rate this enough for the super affordable price.

Also, you just pop it into the cupboard straight out of the box, no assembly required!

The Swivel Store is available in both the UK and US.

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