Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Mrs Crimbles Potato Bites

mrs crimbles potato bites
Let's Bake Love Indeed
I think I first heard about these via an email from Mrs Crimble's but it's only been the past couple of weeks that I've seen them to buy. First bite and I was hooked, if you're a fan of salt and vinegar crisps you will love these!
I hate it when you get a flavoured product that tastes more of the base than the flavour, that happened recently to me with a pack of Classic Cheddar Sakata Rice Crackers, all rice, no cheese. That isn't the case with these Bites though, they really pack a punch when it comes to the sea salt and vinegar, it's lovely and strong, a perfect balance with the potato.

You don't get many Bites in a pack but it's the perfect serving for a light snack, a great alternative to crisps. This is one of those gluten free products that I would definitely keep in my bag for a hunger emergency. 

As per usual, Mrs Crimble's has come up with something safe, tasty and convenient. The gluten free world sure is different to when I started out in 2009, I look forward to seeing what other tasty treats Mrs Crimble's comes up with in the coming months and beyond. They're sure to be yum.


  1. Do you know the weight of each pack?

  2. Afraid I don't. I just had a look online but there's no mention of them on the Mrs Crimbles website. Would look at the pack for you but I couldn't get any this week :(

  3. No worries! They look yummy!


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