Wednesday, 20 June 2012

It's The Little Things

I was just thinking back to the magical day that me and my lovely spent at the Harry Potter Studio Tour and had so much fun. I didn't eat anything while we were there as I think I ate before we left for our afternoon booking after gluten free research had been done and it wasn't very conclusive.

By the time we left the tour I was a bit hungry but would have been ok until I got home. Nothing close to fainting in this instance! We were standing in the enclosed waiting section at Watford Junction train station and there was a teeny tiny little kiosk just large enough for a man to do a full circle on the spot in.

I thought it pointless to even consider looking but as pointed out by my dashing date, there was gluten free treasure lurking! Now this kiosk was really, really tiny. It had the usual fridge in the back with the drinks, a selection of unsuitable crisps and snack bars and other gluteny bites, but amongst it all was a box of individually wrapped Mrs Crimbles Giant Chocolate Macaroons!

When I go out, I really don't expect to be able to eat on the go, this find was immense! Not only was there something that I could actually eat but it was something delicious! We shared, it was a lovely moment for this gluten free girl, the actual feeling of normality.

If you're ever at Watford Junction train station, go say hi to the man in his little kiosk and buy a macaroon or two. It's people like him who make being a coeliac bearable in the outside world. I'll definitely be back!

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