Friday, 22 October 2010

The Thing About Being A Well Coeliac...

With a blog about gluten free foods, is that because I'm well (thankfully), I don't obsess about being a coeliac. I don't think about needing a coeilac disease diet that much. I just get on with it and in the back of my mind I'm aware that my diet is different to how it used to be and that I do need a special diet with lots of gluten free goodness.

The thing about being a well coeliac is that I don't want to think about it all the time, I don't need to anymore, and that's lovely. That's why there may be days when I don't post on Free From G. As of next week that will be rare, but just giving a heads up to those of you who are so kind as to visit and read my (sometimes random) posts.

Lots of gluten free goodness coming in the weeks, months, hopefully years to come. If you are reading, thanks, I really appreciate it.

So just to reiterate, if I don't post for a day, it's just because I'm a very happy, well coeliac who is off doing her other things and stuff with not enough time in the day, but that won't happen often. Promise.

Lots of gluten free goodness to come. Gluten free fajita recipe will be up early next week, there are lots of photos being added, and a review of Genius gluten free bread to come. Plus loads more!

Thanks for reading!

Happy Eating!

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