Thursday, 7 October 2010

Mrs Crimbles Gluten Free Foods

If you haven't tried Mrs Crimbles Gluten Free products yet you're missing out!

The chocolate brownies are worth putting on a few pounds for, they're delicious! Really rich chocolatety and moist. Problem is, they are totally moreish, it's so hard to stop at just one. I figure that 4 brownies over the course of the week isn't so bad....

I just don't do it every week.

Also, the Mrs Crimbles cheese crackers are a delight. I've spent so long trying out different gluten free crackers and I've had some good ones, but these are by far my winners.

Some gluten free crackers have an odd texture, much like some of the dreadful gluten freee breads that I've sampled, they were real All Purpose Crumbs moments! These crackers have a great texture, though of course do do tend to break quite easily, but that's no biggie, they make up for that in texture and taste. One of my most favourite things to have on these crackers is crabmeat. Although they're cheese crackers, they don't taste that cheesey, so they go with most things.

If you haven't tried Mrs Crimbles coeliac disease diet foods, you should! This company know what they are doing when it comes to gluten free. A definite 5 stars from Free From G!

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