Saturday, 23 October 2010

Genius Gluten Free Bread Review

I had high expectations for Genius gluten free bread as you may have already read about. I had it delivered, not by Amazon, because they don't stock it at the moment, but by my delectable gluten eating other half. He picked it up for me at Waitrose (though you can get in in lots of other places too). First off, I was surprised that it wasn't sliced, not a problem at all, but I'm used to encountering (in the bad old days) gluten free bread that is sliced, and that falls apart as you try to get it out of the bag!

As I took the Genius gluten free loaf out of the bag it was looking good, it looked like real bread. Armed with my trusty extra sharp bread knife I sliced through it, and not a single crumb ended up on the plate! That's the sign of a good gluten free bread.

I sliced part of  it into bite size pieces and smothered it with olive spread (out of butter). On first taste and texture impressions I was a bit disappointed, but on each bite it got better. It has a lovely bread flavour with a texture that doesn't crumb, more melts in the mouth.

It's filling like other gluten free breads compared to the regular loaves, but I managed to get through 2 slices of cheese on toast no problem! That's the great thing about Genius gluten free bread, you don't have to toast it for it to be edible, it's perfectly lovely just with spread on.

So if you haven't already tried it, Genius gluten free bread is a winner! I'll definitely be buying it again. One more step in the right direction for a coeliac disease diet.

Happy Eating!

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