Monday 16 May 2011

Byron Bay Strawberry and Clotted Cream Cookie With White Choc Chunks

What you have to understand about my absolute love of these cookies is that my favourite time of the year is and has always been, Wimbledon fortnight. What does tennis have to do with these cookies? Strawberries and cream, that's the signature Wimbledon food to indulge in while you're there, it's terribly English chaps! These cookies are so Wimbledon they should be the official snack!

These cookies made me think of Wimbledon as soon as I opened the packet, it's a sweet but not sickly, creamy smell that I could only dream of my home smelling of on a permanent basis! Actually, I'd like to smell of these cookies, they're so fragrant and fresh.

 The balance of strawberry, cream and chocolate is perfect, you get a burst of strawberry first, then the luxurious cream taste that is akin to putting a spoon full of clotted cream in your mouth, delicious and not overpowering at all, then you get the hint of white chocolate. How all this is done in a cookie I'll probably never know, it's just like dipping a strawberry into clotted cream and melted white chocolate, the flavours are so amazing.

If I didn't need to eat gluten free, I would still choose Byron Bay gluten free cookies over anything else out there. These cookies evoke happiness and fun in me, to have a food so delicious that reminds me of something I love is amazing. They may not hold the same regard for you as they do me, but if you love strawberries, clotted cream and chocolate, you'll adore these insanely brilliant cookies just as I do.

Byron Bay Strawberry and Clotted Cream with White Choc Chunks Cookies for Wimbledon!

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