Thursday, 13 March 2014

Wrigley's UK Gluten Free / Allergen List

More information discovered thanks to a pouch of Skittles Sours that The Glutenite is rather fond of (me too on occasion but just the purple and pink ones). I had no idea who made Skittles but a quick scan of the pack showed it was Wrigley's, the gum people. Turns out they also make the medicinal Lockets and Tunes.

Here's the gluten free / allergen list:

5 Gum

Electro / Turbulence - Allergens: Soybeans and Products Thereof


No allergens listed


Menthol and Eucalyptus / Black Mint / Cherry Menthol - Allergens: Soybeans and Products Thereof
Blackcurrant Mint - Allergens: Artificial Colours, Soybeans and Products Thereof


Chewy Mints - Allergens: Soybean Lecithin, Artificial Colourings and Glucose Products Thereof
Cool Breeze  Cool Breeze Bottle / Ice Peppermint / Ice Spearmint / Ice White / Ice Bottle/ Peppermint / Peppermint Bottle / Peppermint Handy Box / Spearmint / Spearmint Bottle / Spearmint Handy Box - Allergens: Soybeans and Products Thereof
Cool Breeze Handy Box / Strawberry / White Bubblemint / Bubblemint Bottle - Allergens: Artificial Colours, Soybeans and Products Thereof
Ice Citrus - Allergens: Artificial Colours, Artificial Sweeteners, Artificial Flavourings, Antioxidants, Soybeans and Products Thereof
Spearmint Roll Pack / Mints Peppermint Roll Pack / Ice Peppermint Tin / Ice Spearmint Tin - No allergens listed

Hubba Bubba

Atomic Apple / Snappy Strawberry / Outrageous Original / Seriously Strawberry - Allergens: Soybeans and Products Thereof

Juicy Fruit

Fruit - Allergens: Soybeans and Products Thereof


Cranberry and Blueberry / Extra Strong / Honey and Lemon - No allergens listed


Complete Peppermint  Complete Spearmint - Allergens: Soybeans and Products Thereof


Confused / Crazy Sours / Fruits - Allergens: Artificial Colours
Wild Berry - Allergens: Artificial Colours, Artificial Flavourings, Soybeans and Products Thereof


Fave Reds / Morphs / Original / Sours - Allergens: Soybeans and Products Thereof


Cherry - Allergens - May contain traces of milk and soybean


Allergens: Soybeans and Products Thereof


Allergens: Soybeans and Products Thereof

No gluten to be found anywhere which shocked me, for some reason I assumed that all chewing gums would be off limits.

Original information here

Always check the pack before buying as ingredients can change.

Here's some other lists that may be of interest: Nestle / Mars / Haribo / Heinz / Cadbury / Toblerone

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