Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Quest For Gluten Free Bread And Pizza Plus Dessert Made By Yours Truly

Do you remember how simple food shopping was before being gluten free? I vaguely do but it must have been a whole lot easier. We've changed supermarkets, gone from a huge hypermarket type place to a relatively small store, needless to say the free from section is a bit crap.

Why change? Oh wow, that could be a post in itself; I'll just say that that supermarket is where weird (not the good kind) meets creepy. Big time. Plus it was miles out of the way whereby the one we're shopping at now is just down the road.

Still rubbish free from selection though.

How hard is it to get a loaf of good gluten free bread around here?


The small Tesco doesn't stock it, and neither do the big Sainsbury's nor Waitrose close to home. I know, I know, it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things (anxiety attack just watching the news) but I've been spoilt by lovely, no fall apart DS Gluten Free bread and I'd like to buy some more. I'd also like to buy their delicious Salami Pizza but that's been rudely taken from the freezer section in the Tesco and nowhere to be seen in the other two joints.

If you are able to put either of these items in your basket or trolley on a weekly basis, I hate you.

I don't really, course not, but you know what I do hate? Shopping. I've been to 3 supermarkets in the space of 4 days to source these items and nothing. I'm starting to think that I may be the only coeliac in the village.

Tesco have told me to ask for a product request form from customer service. a) I suspect that they won't have such forms b) After looking online re: said form it looks like a waste of time as there isn't enough demand around these gluten eating parts, a reason that has been given to others for non gluten free products.

I really do not want to have to go back to weirdo central to get loaded up on carbs. And, I could understand it if I lived in some remote hamlet but seriously, the bloody 2012 Olympics was just down the road, I'm not in some backwater hovel (debatable).

I'm on a quest.

Let's talk desserts; I found these little packets in weirdo central a few months back:

hansells desserts
Like Magic
We usually buy mousses or these kinds of desserts in those little pots you get but a week or so ago I'd been a bit shoddy with the shopping list and forgot to get any. Thought I'd give these a go seeing as we had them, I'm so impressed.

Making desserts is not something that I'm familiar with, I can do pancakes but other than that I'm stumped. Even though it clearly says these are easy to make I thought I'd still manage to fudge it but I didn't, well, pretty much didn't.

hansells panna cotta
Panna Cotta's

You just pour 250ml of whole milk and 250ml of double cream into a pan, add the packet contents and heat on medium (hasty as ever I did the panna cotta's on high - that's what the darker bits in the pots are - I know #blonde). Then you stir like mad (first attempt, messy) or whisk like a dainty lady (recommended). I don't have a pic of the creme brulee because I used plastic pots (duh) so I couldn't melt the sugar on top for the desired effect.

Absolutely delish though.

So technically if anyone now wants to know how my dessert skills are I can say that I make mean panna cotta and creme brulee, I just won't mention the packets. Cos I did make them. If you too are a dessert novice who wants to show off their non existent dessert making prowess, you're welcome. Better than Angel Delight, no?

In other news I'm on spider watch. Last night after watching a film that happened to feature lots of bugs I got up from the sofa and put my foot a couple of millimetres away from a nasty ass arachnid with a huuuuge body. I screamed and may have done what looked like an Irish jig. Appropriate day for it. A while later The Glutenite shooed me away from the sofa as he discovered another one on the wall, my hero. He entrapped the first one, took it down the corridor and flung it out of the window, second, slightly smaller one got dust busted.  

Thankfully The Persian was nowhere to be seen or else it would have been chaos.

And on the subject of spiders I shall leave you with this which always makes me laugh. If you follow this blog you'll already know that my sense of humour is somewhat..... odd. If not, Heelow!


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