Monday, 23 September 2013

DS Gluten Free Quiche Lorriane

ds gluten free quiche lorraine
2 In A Pack
I'm incredibly fussy about my food as you will know if you've read any of my gluten free product reviews and posts in general. I may be on a restrictive diet but I'm not going to starve any time soon without pre-packed food, so unless it's great it isn't going on my shopping list after the initial try. That's how I'm rating things these days.

I'm a huge fan of DS Gluten Free products, I think their Ciabattas are amazing and we were rather fond of the Baguettes until they disappeared (why?). The Salami Pizza is always in the freezer for a quick dinner and the Crispbreads (something else I believe has been or is going to be discontinued) are always the vessel on which my homemade Dressed Crab arrives at my mouth. So I was utterly excited when I happened upon the new Quiche Lorraine in an unfamiliar Tesco freezer section.

I didn't know what to expect, the photo on the box looks great but I know from experience that you can't really go by that. As mentioned, I love the Salami Pizza but it looks nothing like it does on the box, I've slated the way it's topped but seriously, it's by far the best gluten free Pizza I've ever had.

I wasn't too impressed when I saw what the Quiche looked like once out of the wrapper but I was totally open minded about the cooked result.

ds gluten free quiche lorraine
Pastry Broke As Expected, No Problem Though
25 minutes later:

ds gluten free quiche lorraine cooked
Not exactly akin to the photo on the box but it did smell amazing.

gluten free quiche lorraine
Foil Dish Removal = Loss Of Pastry. Again.
By this time the smell was all I was noting, it would never win a prize for its looks let's face it but I was still hopeful of the taste.

Then I cut into it and the hope was increased:

gluten free quiche lorraine
Fluffy Inside
The Egg center was light, fluffy and moist. Much nicer to look at than the top of the Quiche. In terms of flavour this is spot on. The pastry wasn't too sweet which is what I found with the DS Chicken and Mushroom Pies, it's pretty light but maybe a little too dry, hence the very unstable nature. I fully appreciate that gluten free Pastry is a b*gger though, so it's a minor gripe.

Aside of the Pastry this tastes just like a regular Quiche Lorraine and I very much enjoyed it. Would I buy it again? Maybe. Thing is, I love to cook and I've developed a pretty good Quiche Pastry by myself (it's not been documented yet as I'm tweaking the filling). For a substantial (for me) and easy lunch this is a good reserve to have in the freezer, so the maybe is purely down to if I feel like eating more than I usually would. 

Overall, the DS Gluten Free Quiche Lorraine tastes way better than it looks. For convenience I'd recommend this but for established cooks who have the time, homemade is always better, in my opinion. I don't understand the need for so many ingredients in the pre-packed version.

gluten free quiche
By No Means Perfect But Always Great Ingredients
In other news, I am in possession of my beloved Byron Bay Strawberry, Clotted Cream and White Choc Chunk Cookies:

byron bay strawberry clotted cream white choc chunk cookie
I love you Sainsbury's.

News update from last post:

No ghosts, just water and PVC pipes creating a 'dropping marbles' effect. I debunked that myself, so proud.

More food soon...

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  1. This quiche is delicious. I have it with hot vegetables or salad and coleslaw (my new gravy). The pastry is crumbly, but one has to chew it to swallow it, so what does it matter, the taste is worth it. 5 star. Only problem is that Tesco's are not stocking it at the moment and I miss it.


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