Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Salmon Fishcakes And Foreign Objects

Well. If you stop by Free From G on a regular basis you will know that I'm having some kitchen difficulties, I've totally lost the ability to nail recipes first try which is something I was quite proud of being able to do. My experiments have been one failure after another and I'm miffed, I just don't know what is going on.

Still, I keep plodding away thinking that my Kitchen Mojo will return but it hasn't and you know what? Last night I had something happen that I couldn't have made up in order to relay a funny if untrue story. There's some bad vibes going on in that kitchen.

Firstly, what with it being Wimbledon fortnight I've got meals planned that are really simple, last night it was Salmon Fishcakes. I've made versions of these countless times but presentation-wise they're not up to sharing, that's why there's never been a recipe.

Anyway, I boiled the potatoes and used my ricer to make the mash. A few potatoes in the ricer broke, the pin that holds the arm and the ricer part had come loose. Strands of mashed potato shot onto pretty much every surface in the kitchen. What a Fooking mess.

potato ricer
I tried putting the pin back in but Murray was about to start playing so I quickly used a regular potato masher to do the job. Potato mashed and tasting good I went back to work and the Tennis.

When The Glutenite came home I explained what had happened to the ricer, by now the Fishcake mix was totally done and ready for molding.

fishcake mix
What On Earth Could Go Wrong?
I raised the point to The Gluety (new one there) that I couldn't understand how the pin holds in place and that I thought it had been bashed about in the overcrowded utensil drawer and that's why it broke. He showed me that there should be another screw type thing (yes I'm a silly girl) that holds it in place, the same as on the other side.

That's when I developed a very confused expression. Where's the other bit then?

I looked in the utensil drawer, not there. No sign of it anywhere.

It was obvious really but I couldn't accept the fact that it had happened. By now the Fishcakes are under the grill and I'm seriously worried. The Glutenite takes bites so huge, what if he swallows it? I knew I'd be fine because I eat the smallest of mouthfuls but what about stubborn head? I'd told him that I was sure the ricer bit was in a fishcake but he still took big bites.

Then it appeared, in the smallest and very last fishcake made. Thankfully on my plate.

ricer pin
iPhone Couldn't Focus
It's not just flavours that aren't working together for me, now I'm getting foreign objects in my food. What are the chances? I've used that ricer countless times though it should be noted, not in my loss of Kitchen Mojo phase until yesterday.

I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. When I was a child my Nan on my Mum's side would make my Dad Trifles and often he would find foreign objects in them. Unidentified bits of plastic and wire if I recall, he said she was trying to kill him. We never did find out where they were coming from. The joker that is my Dad also used to tell me that my Mum put cigarette ash in the pies she would make him. As far as I know she didn't but I wouldn't have put it past her.

I come from a wonderfully strange parentage.

Tonight's meal is tried and tested and requires no kitchen equipment other than a fork, baking dish, saucepan and oven. So surely, surely nothing can go wrong?

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