Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Attempting To Make Gluten Free Chicken Stock From Scratch

I have a bigger problem than most when it comes to finding gluten free chicken stock either in cube or powdered form because of my pepper allergy. All except Heinz have pepper in them and I can't source Heinz chicken stock from anywhere it seems. Such a nuisance as I use chicken stock all the blooming time!

I'm fast running out of my Knorr powder (the new batches have pepper in them) so I figured that I had better  attempt to make my own or be totally without. I put a chicken carcuss into my slow cooker last night with lots of other things for flavour, this is how it currently looks:

making homemade chicken stock
It's A Bit Of A Witches Brew
I'm letting it cool so that I can remove all the fat (there's a lot of it) and hopefully I'll end up with a decent homemade gluten free chicken stock. Hopefully. It's not looking too promising right now.

If it does turn out to have a good flavour I need to freeze it, not really sure how to go about this.

Disaster or triumph will be reported tomorrow.

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