Thursday, 31 May 2012

Gluten Free At Westfield Stratford

Despite the countless posters saying that there's something for everyone restaurant-wise at Westfield Stratford, there actually isn't anything for me. That's because of my pepper allergy though, there are gluten free menus in some of the restaurants however last time we tried to eat there catering for my allergy wasn't an option.

For those of you who need gluten free and can ingest pepper, here's a selection of places that offer gluten free dishes:

Las Iguanas - Latin American

The Real Greek - Greek, obviously!

Giraffe - Bit of a mixture

Nandos - Portuguese (no specific gf items listed on their online menu but it says to speak to the manager if you have allergies. I expect this to also mean intolerance's)

TGI Fridays - American (says no gluten containing ingredients on the gf menu, not sure what this means in terms of cross contamination)

Wagamama - Japanese

Not a great amount but better than none. Always check and double check again that your meal is gluten free as mistakes can an do happen, I write from personal experience, it's always best to be super sure.

If you know of any places that serve gluten free at Westfield Stratford that I've left out, please leave a comment.

So close to that four day weekend!


  1. Wahaca too :)

    1. I had heard issues of cross contamination and not great gluten free awareness at Wahaca but that was a long time ago, I guess they improved.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Gourmet Burger Kitchen (if you don't mind a bun free burger with extra salad.

    Pizza Express has now got a GF menu (and the pizza is AMAZING)

    --- and there's a nice place in the food court, Pho -- Vietnamese I think, but they are very good if you talk to them - lots of rice noodles and curry, and very tasty.

  3. Thanks for the additions.

    I had a very good experience at Pho Brighton and a very, very bad one at a London branch. All depends on the chef from my experiences, the recipes aren't the same at each location.


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