Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Free From G Low Key Bacon Bomb

bacon bomb
My Idea Of Low Key
If the other Bacon Bombs have been a bit too in your face flavour wise, this may be the one for you. It's basically a stripped down quesadillia, the tortilla replaced by a bacon weave and instead of making guacamole, avocado slices were used instead.

I know! I said that the Chilli Bomb was the last one, but I've had this written up for a while and so it seemed silly not to post it, I was just waiting on the photos.

It's subtle hence the name so not spicy, rich or tangy, it's more of a low key flavour that is a bit creamy due to the avocado, with a bit of depth from the onion and pepper. You could of course spice it up with hotter chillies and a squeeze of lime would really make it zing. Just wanted to illustrate that not everything has to be over the top flavours on Free From G, most, but not all!

Alone this will serve 2, with accompaniments would probably stretch to 4.


14 Streaky Bacon Rashers (keep them in the fridge until you need them)
1 Chicken Breast (corn fed is a favourite here)
1 Large Onion
1 Pepper (we used orange)
75g Gouda
1 Avocado
1 Teaspoon Garlic Salt
1 Teaspoon Onion Powder
1 Teaspoon Paprika
1 Tablespoon gluten free Oyster Sauce
1 Teaspoon Sugar
Pinch of Salt
1 Tablespoon Corn Oil
Cold Water

  • Slice the onion, pepper and chipotle
  • Heat a frying pan or wok (I prefer the wok as it's less likely any ingredients will go over the side when stirring)
  • Put the onion and pepper into the hot pan
  • Slice the chicken into 1cm x 3cm pieces
  • Make a dry rub from the garlic salt, onion powder and paprika
  • Coat the chicken in it (just do it in a bowl and swish it around a bit)
  • Cook the onion and pepper down until soft, when they start to stick to the pan add a 100ml or so of water, this will also help to make a gravy
  • Add the chipotle to the pan
  • Add salt
  • Once the onion and pepper is soft add the coated chicken and cook for 4-5 minutes, stirring lots
  • Once the chicken is cooked take the pan off the heat and leave to one side
bacon bomb filling
Onions, Peppers and Chicken
bacon weave
We've Weaved A Lot Of Bacon This Year
  • Put the oyster sauce onto the weave and cover evenly with your fingers
bacon weave for bacon bomb
Make Sure Your Oyster Sauce Is Gluten Free
  • Slice the gouda fairly thin
  • Put the gouda onto the weave
  • Halve the avocado, remove the pit and carefully spoon from the skin, slice
halved avocado
Adds A Lovely Creamy Texture
  • Place the avocado slices onto the gouda
building the bacon bomb
The Things I do For This Blog!
  • Place the chicken, pepper and onion mix on top of the avocado and roll
  • Sprinkle the sugar over the bacon bomb and pat in with your hands
rolled bacon bomb
Pig Candy
Before I go any further I must warn you. The filling doesn't fit. Even after taking some of it out we had to secure the bacon bomb with cocktail sticks at the bottom, I kind of stitched it! Reason I didn't mention this sooner is because if you quickly reheat the extra filling just before serving it looks lovely poured on top of the bacon bomb to serve. I discovered that completely by accident as I'm not the best at presentation!
  • Place upside down under a hot grill for 8-10 minutes then turn upright and grill for 20 minutes to get the bacon crispy.
bacon bomb slice
The reason that this bacon bomb isn't hot or spicy is because the chipotle that I'm using for this is meco chipotle, ideally I would use morita but the last time we did a Mexican stock pile, meco is all they had. If you use morita it would have a bit of a kick to it.

I find this recipe amusing for the simple fact that my OH didn't care for it much because it didn't pack a punch in the flavour department. He wanted it hotter and just generally more over the top. The reason that I find this so amusing is that for probably five years of us being together, he didn't like hot, spicy foods. Nearly six years in and he's telling me this bacon bomb isn't flavoursome enough for his tastes!

Ah, the evolution of a Chillihead. Sexy! ;)

Hot, Hot!

No more Bacon Bombs, not for at least a month anyway, promise! 


  1. Where do you get your gf oyster sauce? Only one I've ever found is Blue Elephant, which my local Waitrose has helpfully stopped stocking :-(

  2. We get ours from a local Oriental supermarket, the brand is Chan Moon Kee. I used Blue Elephant for a few years then the same thing happened to me, gone! We ordered online for a while then it went permanently out of stock so we had to find an alternative. This one has a stronger flavour but is really lovely too.


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