Wednesday 6 November 2013

Breaded Sriracha Chicken Strips

sriracha chicken strips
A day later than intended, soz.

It's been a long time coming but here is the second Free From G recipe from The Lovely Glutenite (first is here if you're interested and you should be, oh so yum). We intended to have our Freefromgdos Chicken Burgers but, well our chicken breasts are currently in my parents freezer due to my next to non existent memory and we only had smallish one here so another meal needed to be made.

Cue Sriracha Chicken Strips.

Apologies in advance for the photos, I always use my iPhone due to having no clue where my camera is post move and though Free From G will never be known for amazing photography (it's all about the quality of recipe for me, that and eating before the food goes cold) these are potentially worse than usual.

If you're a fan of hot sauce and comfort food this is a must try. I could easily get addicted to them.

One fairly small chicken breast made 10 decent sized strips. If you're comfortable with deep frying this recipe is ridiculously easy. And yum.


1 Chicken Breast
2 Tablespoons Sriracha (The Glutenite used one with garlic)
2 DS Gluten Free White Ciabattas (or equivalent)
1 Large Egg
3 Tablespoons Gluten Free Plain Flour (Doves Farm here)
1 Teaspoon Chilli Powder
1 Teaspoon Sea Salt
Oil for frying (we always use Crisp N Dry blocks)

sriracha chicken strips
The Very Last Bite Of The Batch
If you're wondering what that sauce is it's our (I think) invention, Sriracho. Mayo, Garlic and of course Sriracha. Delish.

  • Cut the chicken into 2cm strips down the length of the breast, halve in length
  • Put the chicken into a container and add the sriracha, mix with a fork or spoon until fully covered
  • Leave to marinate for 2 hours
sriracha chicken
2 Hours Minimum For The Best Flavour
  • Put the flour into a bowl of a bag
  • Break the egg into a bowl or container, add a pinch of salt and whisk
  • Break the ciabattas into pieces and put into a mixer, blitz until broken down into breadcrumbs
  • Put the breadcrumbs into a large bowl, add the chilli powder and a large pinch of salt, mix
  • Take a few of the chicken strips and put into the flour, gently shake the bowl or bag until all pieces are covered
chicken in flour
First Coat Done
  • Pick each strip up and gently shake off any excess flour, put into the whisked egg
  • Gently move the bowl or container so that the egg fully coats the chicken
chicken in egg wash
Second Coat
  • Take the coated strips out one at a time and place into the breadcrumbs
  • Swirl the bowl around to get the breadcrumbs to stick
sriracha chicken in breadcrumbs
It Actually Looks A Bit Like A Prawn Here
  • Use your fingers to pat the bread crumbs into the chicken
  • Put on a plate to one side
  • Repeat until all the chicken strips are coated
sriracha chicken strips
Third And Final Stage
  • Heat your oil in a good size pan on high, to test if it's hot enough drop a few leftover breadcrumbs into the oil, if they immediately float the oil is the right temperature (when using Crisp N Dry blocks it's so easy, just wait a minute or so after it has melted then it's ready)
  • Fill a slotted spoon with strips (how many depends on pan size, don't overcrowd) and lower into the oil
  • Fry for 1 1/2 minutes (no need to turn)
  • Remove the strips from the oil with the slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper
  • Repeat until all strips are cooked
sriracha chicken strips
Crispy Hot Sriracha Chicken Strips
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If I had a basket to serve these in I would, they're ideal picky finger food that has a bit of a kick, a lovely crispy outer coating and moist chicken inside. Yum.

Bit of a great idea there from The Glutenite, I was very impressed.

The Sriracho was 4 tablespoons Mayo, 1 Tablespoon Sriracha, 2 minced Garlic Cloves.

sriracho mayo
Slightly Hot Dippy Dip
On the subject of minced Garlic, someone, i.e. the only other human who lives here managed to break an arm off of our Garlic press mid use. It was thick metal. I think I may be feeding him too well.

More soon.

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