Tuesday 12 July 2011

Pho Restaurant Review - Brighton - Gluten Free Friendly

It's been a while, so much to post about yet so little time to actually do it. I have a backlog of loads of gluten free recipes which I could post, but there's no photos to accompany them, so it would all look a bit dull really.

Anyway, a while back myself and my other half went for a day trip to lovely Brighton. When planning this trip we had terrible trouble locating somewhere to eat that was gluten free, there was just no definitive list. After a while we came across a restaurant that we had never heard of, Pho. We investigated the menu, read some gluten free reviews and decided that's where we would have lunch.

Pho pronounced FUH like you're going to say that swear word is a Vietmanese restaurant that serves street style food. I wasn't too clued up on Vietnamese foods before our visit but I'm learning more and more because the cuisine is so suited to a gluten free diet.

The first waitress we encountered told me that I could have everything on the menu but not the banana fritter. An entire menu just one item short that I could choose from, HELLO!! Due to my pepper allergy (being a coeliac isn't hard enough, right?!) what I could have was restricted, but it was ok. I had the Bun Tom Hue a spicy prawn soup with lots of herbs and chillis on the side. It was lovely, but as you can see from the post below, I'm a bit of a chilihead so it wasn't quite spicy enough for me. I'd definitely have it again though.

My other half had a similar thing but his was Pho Ga which was chicken breast in a chicken stock, again with the extras on the side, rice noodles and other things I can't remember. I so wish that I used my camera more, it would definitely make things more amusing for you to read. I say this because as a newbie to Vietmanese food, I had no idea what to do with a piece of cutlery that came with the meal. It was a spoon-like thing, but it looked more like one of those shovels you get in the mini gardening kits. I kept looking around to see what other people were doing with theirs but nothing.

The OH then fills it full of stock and sips from it. It looked way too big to be doing that, but after about 5 minutes I decided to do the same. Luckily about 30 seconds after I did I saw a woman sat by the window do the same thing, so I thought either she's thick too and we're all using it wrong or that's how it's intended to be used. Still, bloody large spoon for me who has a small mouth.

I would recommend Pho to any coeliac, the menu is varied, you have plenty of choice and best of all, it's an affordable menu that won't break the bank. Pho is Pho'ing good!

See the menu for Brighton

EDIT: Not all Pho's are gluten free friendly.

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