Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Free From G - The Return

unicorn wedding
Ride Home After The Wedding
That's my lap right there. 150 meters of tulle, a lot of velvet and a whimsical homemade bouquet inspired by fairy tales and maypoles. I couldn't have been more me.

It's not been the best few years to say the least. I lost my beloved Persian girl who was my friend, familiar and family in late '14, then my gorgeous Mum in early '15. 'Twas a nightmare of epic proportions which I know I'll never fully recover from but I'm finally on the mend.

So that's why I haven't been around. Nothing fun or silly or interesting to say, just doom and gloom which I never want to put out there. So that's where I've been, the good days are now outnumbering the bad and so I feel like I can put my words out again. The light over dark is finally winning. I endeavour for silly season to come back permanently.

So TG and I FINALLY got married. Sort of secretly, just us and the people legally required to be there. After 10 years, not being able to have the ceremony I wanted and a bit of numerology, we just decided to do it. No frills, no fuss, no interference from anyone. 

And I have to say, it was stress free. Except for it being one of the hottest days of the year and me not coping too well with that. I wasn't cut out for being a Summer bride but as it was all quite last minute, that's what I was. Albeit a rather magical looking one if I do say so myself (well, that was always the plan).

The joy lasted for a a couple of days until a car accident which I can't be bothered to revisit as my blood is likely to boil (it's only just started to cool). No fault or ours, blessed that we weren't injured, but my gosh, the fallout of having to deal with what some idiot did.

A week ago something happy-strange happened. I miss my floofy girl every day and I think I knew that somewhere down the line a kitten would come join us but I had never actively looked or really wanted to. In the early hours of last Wednesday I just had this overwhelming urge to do a search.

There they were, one like Lila - golden - and a white one like I had always wanted. One quick search and they were the first kittens I saw. I HAD TO HAVE THEM.

So here they are; presenting:

golden persian
Mr R With Dirty Socks Being A Bit Coy

Mr W Possibly Dreaming Of Overthrowing Tr*mp
There is now double the floof! Oh, and they're BOYS. Twin BOYS (you probably gleaned that from the mister bit though, right - hey, It's been a while!)

They currently like to practice WWF (yeah I'm old school) moves in the litter tray - which should be a litter box but we can't put the top on due to the Sunset Flips and the like going on. They also like to play around the bin.


So yes, I am now married with two floof monsters and a much happier heart that last time I was here.

I have kitchen tales to tell so back soon.

Much love x

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