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Isabel's Gluten Free Dough Balls Mix

isabels dough balls
We Do Enjoy A Good Pao de Queijo
It all started out with Yoki, a box misplaced (though very at home) in the free from aisle, the search for and discovery of the Brazilian section and so our love affair with Cheese Balls began. Very sadly we can't find Yoki Cheese Bread mix anywhere in the UK now.

We really missed eating our delectable Cheese Balls, The Glutenite especially. After a bit of a search on Amazon we discovered an alternative, Isabel's. I'd heard of this brand during my active days on Twitter but only in relation to a Pizza base mix. The Dough Balls info got TG seal of approval so we ordered some, but could it live up to our beloved Yoki?

First notable difference is that you have to add cheese, 100g. Yoki already had the cheese in the mix. Also oil, no oil was needed for the Yoki version. Other than that the making process was the same, egg and water needed then mix together to form a dough.

I must point out that The Glutenite is the sole maker of Cheese Balls in our Free From G home, I may grate the cheese or break a egg or two but the mixing and more importantly, the sizing and the shaping of the bread is all down to him. I have a feeling he doesn't trust me with these delicious things, one of his most favourite things to munch. I have a feeling that he suspects my random impatience will come into play, that his fastidious nature may be horrified at my uneven Cheese Balls that won't cook right.

He might have a point.

The best way I can give an example is when we went Clay Pigeon Shooting, it was like he had done it a thousand times before, pretty much perfect every shot. Me, well I was so 'bad' that the instructor bloke thought that I needed Coke bottle glasses, that I must be as blind as a Bat. But I'm not. See, I wasn't bothered about hitting the discs, maybe the first time but after that no, I just wanted to shoot that f**k off gun anywhere into the sky. Fun.

Think of the making of the Cheese Balls as aiming for the discs and the eating of them firing the gun. I've no time for faffing (read as doing things properly) on a Sunday morning, I just want to scoff.

We've now used up all the boxes of Isabel's Dough Balls mix, The Glutenite has made them a total of four times. Only the last time were they amazing.

isobels gluten free dough mix
26 You Say?
The first three times, TG made them into 2 1/3" balls, 9 in total. This was not the advised method on the pack. The estimated cook time went from 25 minutes to 40.  I was ravenous. 70g Manchego, 30g Abondance was added. Nice but my hunger suppressed the enjoyment.

The last time he made them into 1 1/2" balls, 16 in total, not the advised method on the pack but the cook time was the estimated 25 minutes and they were absolutely gorgeous. We added 60g of Parmesan and 40g Taleggio. I was hungry whilst waiting but not painfully so which probably helped.

The back of the box says to make 26 - 28 mini dough balls, I've only just noticed that. The Glutenite does not do mini food, this explains a lot. I love mini food, damn.

The first three batches came out pretty much the size the balls went in but the last batch, well they almost doubled in size once cooked. 

One thing that doesn't seem right about the extra ingredients needed is one large egg. The first time he made them we had extra large eggs so one was fine, but since then we've only had large and one is never enough. Ideally it should be one extra large egg or one large and one small because we've had to dry the mix out a little with some GF flour when using two of the large variety.

It's good in a way that you add your own cheese because you can choose what flavours to go with, but it does make it more time consuming than the Yoki Cheese Bread prep.

We'll definitely be ordering these again as there is no sign of Yoki over here anymore. Done as the pack instructs I'm sure they're (I just stopped myself quoting Nicole Scherzinger or possibly *shudder* Towie people) ..........delightful. The 16 batch size worked perfectly well and were delish so I'll leave him be with bigger than advised balls. 

isabels dough balls
So who won? It's joint really. Yoki pips Isobel's for very easy prep but both have lovely textures and tastes so there's not much in it. I highly recommend both.

If you want to indulge in Cheese Bread goodness you can buy Isobel's here in the UK or Yoki here if you're in the US.

More soon.

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