Monday, 12 August 2013

Discovery Taco Trays - Gluten Free

discovery taco trays
Great Find
We're big fans of making Mexican food here at Free From G. In fact the discovery of Masa Harina thanks to Guy Fieri's Triple D enabled a complete overhaul of my gluten free diet, it made so many more meals accessible to me. I love experimenting and the recipe that I'm probably most proud of is my homemade gluten free Taco Shells, completely created from scratch and a winning recipe if I do say so myself.

Thing is, there's not always the time nor inclination to make everything from scratch. With the heatwave we've had here I've not wanted to be in the kitchen for hours, so meals that are a bit time consuming and requiring numerous steps have fallen to the wayside. There's no way that I could be bothered to make the Taco Shells recently so imagine my delight when I happened upon these beauties. Convenience!

We had planned on having our usual Saturday lunch of Nachos but I wanted an addition, I'd been fancying Jalapenos since The Glutenite told me about a new fave of his for lunch - Hot Cubano's from Eat of which they're an ingredient.

So we headed to the Mexican section for the Jalapenos and as always I got curious and checked ingredients on other things. I had a brief moment of expectation when I looked at the box on the shelf thinking 'Corn Taco Trays, there's no need for gluten in them' but by the time I actually picked the box up the usual 'won't be able to have these' thought was firmly at the front of my mind because we all know that lots of times there is no need for gluten in products but often there is anyway. For some ridiculous reason.

I think I probably had an expression akin to that of the riders on Alton Towers Smiler advert when I saw this:

gluten wheat free symbol
You Get The Gist
It may appear as a blurry mess here due to my iPhone not being able to focus but it was crystal clear on that box. No small text hidden in a vast list of ingredients, just a very clear statement which I don't think will ever fail to excite me on a new discovery.

The ingredients btw are purely Corn Flour (aka my beloved Masa Harina), Vegetable Oil and Salt.

I found the Taco Trays opposed to Shells novel, they held their ingredients pretty well but doing 1 at a time would be preferable to the 3 or 4 at a time we did. They got a little squidgy after a while.

filled taco trays
Nacho Filling Improvisation
I highly recommend these.

discovery taco trays
Gluten Free Taco Trays!
I'm really, really impressed with Discovery as a brand. Here's a great resource for seeing which of their products are safe without having to scour labels. This may be well known to other gluten free'ers but for me it's a brilliant new find that I could quite easily do a happy little dance about.

It's lovely having the ability and passion for cooking from scratch but sometimes a little convenience allows for a just a bit of laziness in the kitchen. I didn't think that would be possible when I started my gluten free journey.

It's all happening.

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