Wednesday, 12 June 2013

How I Develop My Recipes

prawns scallops squid
The contents of that odd photo are the main components of dinner tonight and hopefully a new recipe post for tomorrow. I've not been coming up with many new recipes recently, partly because of all the disasters I've had and partly because I've covered a lot of ground with the recipes that have been posted as you'll see if you go to the recipe section above.

As with all my recipes I came up with this whilst doing the weekly shopping list, I had a vague idea of what I wanted but I don't actually start creating the recipe until the day I'm about to make it.

I've only just started putting the ingredient list together for this so it's in real early stages but I know that I want the Prawns, Squid and Scallops in a creamy sauce with a breadcrumb and cheese topping. A Gratin.

Whether this gets posted tomorrow as a successful recipe is down to a) Is it any good? b) Did we get any decent photos? Big asks.

I could go and search out a Seafood Gratin recipe and adapt it but for me there is absolutely no fun in that at all. When I create a recipe from scratch and it works I get a little buzz knowing that I've nailed it, all my own creation and methods. I'm just a home cook but when I post a recipe it's a recipe that works, it may not be to your personal flavour preferences but the recipe works perfectly if followed.

Watching a bit of Hell's Kitchen last night shocked me, most if not all of the contestants were working cooks, yet some of the signature dishes were utter cr*p, I could definitely have done better with my own signature dish, I'm not quite sure which one that is but yeah, I wouldn't have burnt it. I also have no idea what the term Executive Chef means after watching that show.

So I'm off into the kitchen for the recipe experiment, currently I'd say that there is a 50% chance that the recipe will be posted tomorrow and 50% chance that it's going to be a disaster.

If nothing else I get to use my fresh Parsley growing on the window sill.

In a hour or so the verdict will be in...

I'll post tomorrow regardless : /

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