Monday, 13 May 2013

Mrs Crimble's Peanut Cookies

gluten free peanut cookies
Love Their Tag Line
I'm a big fan of Mrs Crimble's products so when I see something new from them on the Free From shelf it inevitably ends up in the shopping trolley. These are my latest discovery, gluten free Peanut Cookies, I'm not quite sure where to begin with these.

I must start by saying that any gluten free cookie has a tough act to follow for me because I discovered Byron Bay at a time when a comforting cookie was well and truly needed. I'm not one for getting emotionally attached to brands very often but they've had me since day one, not only because of the timing but because those cookies are really something special.

The Mrs Crimble's Peanut Cookies are unlike any other ones I've tried. When sampling the first one I was worried for my teeth because they are a very hard, lots of effort to break consistency. Though once bitten the texture becomes soft and melt in the mouth, they remind me of classic Shortbread's.

The flavour is sweet but not overly and they're obviously nutty, a bit buttery too. I like them but I can't get over how hard they are to bite into, I've never had a cookie so dense. If you like shortbread and nuts then you'll probably enjoy these but I wouldn't recommend to anyone with dentures.

gluten free peanut cookies
If you want something with a little less bite Mrs Crimble's Chocolate Brownies would be a good option.

In Free From G news we had the biggest meal disaster to date on Saturday and it wasn't even an experimental recipe. It was a tried and tested, something we have pretty much every week dinner that went beyond horribly wrong due to a wood chip paring that should never, ever be allowed to happen. 

Our Smoked Poussin's tasted like bitter, almost metallic messes that can only be described as fowl. Sorry, bad I know.

But it was awful. Beech and Hickory combined are a smoking combination from the depths of hell. I would say the work of the devil but it was actually The Glutenite who did it.

In the Kitchen.

Poussin's meal deaded.

To be fair we've been using lots of different wood chip combinations for smoking for a few years now and every time we've had lovely results. Guess we, well The Glutenite just happened upon a monstrous combination that was waiting to happen. It's all good fun in our kitchen.

Bit stuck on the new recipes front but there will be something soonish (I hope).

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