Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Long Weekend Eats And Wednesday Rambles

My Kind Of Food
On the weekends you will find me dressing Crab, peeling Shrimps and devouring anything else I might have fancied in the shellfish department, this week it was the addition of Cockles. The Glutenite doesn't like any of this stuff and The Persian never bothers me for any of it so I eat it all and enjoy every mouthful. I never tire of shellfish and crab.

That photo makes me hungry.

During the weekend we had Chinese Spare Ribs, it's a meal that we haven't had in ages. 

gluten free spare ribs
Meat Falling Off The Bones
You can have them dry if preferred but we like them with sauce.

gluten free chinese spare ribs
We smoke them but they still have great flavour if you just put them in the oven. The key here is the packet of Red Pork Seasoning that we use to marinate them in and which then goes on to make the sauce. Recipe is here if you want to know more, it's just like having them from a restaurant or take away.

This was the first time we've had ribs since we've moved so towels were involved to protect the carpet and sofa. We never did buy a dining table and you can't help but get messy with ribs in sauce. Rib eating without needing a wash after just isn't right.

Nothing new had over the weekend, I've been struggling with recipe ideas. I have made a few new things in recent weeks but if it hasn't been posted it just wasn't good enough. I'd had a burst of creativity since the new year but it seems to have gone, I think I overdosed on Food Network repeats. Seriously, I think I've seen Nigella make her Mexican Lasagna, Tarragon Chicken and Grasshopper Pie 10 times or more.

In recent days my attention has been focused on cat food, biscuits to be precise. The Persian has to have biscuits with Cranberry extract in them for health reasons, there are three different flavours but she'll only eat the Duck one. Getting low on supplies a couple of weeks ago we went into our usual Pets At Home to buy some, none to be found so we ordered from a supplier online.

Yesterday we got an email saying that they couldn't send the size we wanted and would we pay the same money for a smaller bag. Well, nah ah. Plus they had already sent out a dispatched email, without dispatching. Order cancelled.

Running very low on biscuits (her main source of food), I started calling Pets At Home Stores to see if they had any in stock, they didn't and it became apparent as to why when I called the manufacturer. They don't make them anymore. The Duck flavour has been reformulated into a house cat biscuit which is fine except she won't eat it because of the new ingredients. Edit: She wouldn't eat it but now she will. Fickle.

Moral of this story for humans is stock up on your gluten free ingredients before some bright spark makes some changes and you can no longer have it. And always, always check labels no matter how many times you've bought something before because ingredients do change. Stock cubes are a prime example, Kallo I think, they did the Hokey Cokey with Pepper which I'm allergic to, pepper free, pepper in, pepper out, pepper in.... I gave up looking and now stick with Knorr Stock Pots.

In other news I'm attempting to grow Chillies, Mini Bell Peppers and Herbs. I don't have a great track record with plants but here's hoping.

Progress Has Been Made Since This Was Taken
Possible recipe post tomorrow.

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