Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year From Free From G!

crab christmas lunch
Christmas Lunch
The Christmas holiday just gone was my absolute favourite ever. I usually have some form of cough or cold at that time of year and it leaves me feeling run down and not in the holiday spirit at all. This time though I was lurgy free and full of Christmas cheer for the first time in my life. It made a huge difference, I'd never been a fan but now I'm converted.

That crab right there was my requested Christmas lunch. No frills, just a crab, just the way I wanted. I didn't use the knife and fork in case you're wondering.

If you want to see how I tackled my lunch go to my step by step how to dress a crab. With hindsight I should have put a cracker hat on it for the full Christmas experience but it was devoured long before the crackers got pulled.

I enjoyed my lunch immensely as did the gorgeous Glutenite who had the traditional fayre including gluten. Look away now if you're squeamish.

christmas dinner
Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy Were The Offenders
I could have eaten traditionally minus the Yorkshire and the gravy because there was no cross contamination during cooking, but I prefer seafood, I'm not very traditional in that respect.

Aside of the Christmas crab there were also Crevettes, Smoked Roe and Schmaltz Herring devoured over the holiday. Utter fishy bliss.

There's lots of new recipes to come and a few Christmas present food gadget posts that I'm exciting about writing. It's going to be a great year all round.

I can't end this post without adding a song that will always remind me of this Christmas. Although it's been around for ages now, it was this holiday that the dance entered the Free From G abode. Good thing we have carpet.

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