Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Gluten Free Digestive Biscuits - Tesco Free From

gluten free digestive biscuits
Digestive biscuits have never been on my radar, not unless they were covered in chocolate and even then they've never been a favourite of mine. The only reason I bought these were to make a biscuit base for Key Lime Pie over Christmas but I never got around to it, then I needed to cut back on some calories so I figured it was just a bit too naughty to make.

So these have been overlooked, until yesterday when I wanted a small sweet treat and I decided to try them.  Have to say, they aren't the boring, bland, dry biscuits I was expecting, they were really, really nice.

One thing I must point out is that they're made from gluten free oats. I have no problem with these but from reading the pack I now know that others may have. The labelling is very clear though.

tesco gluten free biscuits
Clear Labelling Should Always Be Commended
I find the oats are what gives these biscuits such a great flavour, they remind me of the Ginger Cookies that I got addicted to before Christmas. The base flavour anyway. I was impressed that they didn't crumble, you can easily break them apart but the texture is good. Not sure how many dunks in tea they would withstand but they would make a lovely accompaniment regardless.

When I stop counting calories I will definitely be using these as a base for a gluten free Key Lime Pie and Cheesecakes, they'll work really well.

tesco gluten free digestives
Can't say that I'm tempted to eat the entire pack like I was with the Ginger Cookies but these are really nice gluten free biscuits that taste lovely. A Free From G thumbs up for sure.

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