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Blair's Death Rain Habanero Pepper Potato Chips

blairs death rain chips
Check Out The Heat Meter
I've written a lot about gluten free crisps on Free From G but these are something else entirely. It had been a long time since I last had these due to a habanero overdose that will never be forgotten, so when I've been writing about how great the other crisps are I've neglected to recall how Blair's Death Rain Chips compare.

It's an unfair comparison really, the others are good but Blair's Chips are special. When I found out that most of Blair's products were gluten free I was over the moon. I absolutely love this stuff but I do have to take breaks or else I'd end up on a Britain's Fattest type show.

My love affair with Blair's products started when The Glutenite got a free sample of sauces. From that point on I was hooked. Not everything the comes with a Blair's label is crazy hot but that's the draw for me, the real hot stuff that delivers on the motto of Feel Alive, I really do, it's like a super kick to the system that feels incredibly powerful.

You know how Red Bull gives you wings? Blair's hot chips and sauces lends you a space shuttle and lets you fly around the moon for a bit. It's trippy.

So what about the Death Rain Habanero Chips? Well, the thing about Blair Lazar is that he doesn't just do hot, it's not simply a case of the hotter the better, it's all about the flavour too. These chips have a really great taste that runs alongside the intense heat of the habanero, they aren't just very hot, they're full of flavour, which is a problem as it makes them deliciously moreish.

blair death rain chips in bag
Inner Pack Shot
As you can see the chips are really well coated with the seasonings. I can definitely taste garlic and a smokiness, there's also a touch of sweetness, but aside from those flavours and of course the habanero, I'm at a loss to what the other flavours could be. The ingredients list is no help to describe as other than the obvious potatoes and oil etc, plus what I've mentioned, the only indication is a very ambiguous 'Spices'. I think I'd keep this recipe a secret too.

If you're used to eating hot foods then I highly recommend trying Blair's Death Rain Habanero Chips. They are very hot so be warned but there is so much more to these than just the heat, the texture of the chips are lovely too. There's lots of other flavours of varying degrees of heat so if this sounds like a bit too much then there are other options which I'm yet to try myself.

I highly recommend the sauces as well, just like the chips they have a lot of flavour as well as heat.

UK readers, if you follow this link you'll find a range of Blair's goodies.

For US readers go here

Here's the information Blair's sent me about their gluten free products, the link to the actual post is at the top of this one:

"All of Blair's sauces both Death and Heat) are gluten free, as well as all chips and jars (salsa queso, wing sauce). However, of our spices, only our Nitro is gluten free. The BBQ and Habanero dry spice contain gluten, as does our jerky."

So if you're feeling in the mood for a bit of hotness you can go wild with lots of Blair's wonderful eats and know that they're totally safe for the gluten free diet, so cool! Or hot, so hot! :)

A cautionary tale however...

This morning I was my usual zombie self first thing so I thought have some Habanero chips, that'll get you going. So I happily munched and they woke me up a treat. As it's a several servings bag I've been using a hair band in place of elusive elastic bands to close the pack, I was tying the band around the bag when a flick of seasoning shot straight into the inner corner of my left eye.


It only took a split second to start burning. I ended up with my head over the bathroom sink frantically trying to wash my eye with cold water, only problem was that the cold water made it burn hotter. The pain went, eventually, with thankfully no lasting damage. The moral of this tale is either eat the entire bag in one go (Don't! You'll be very sorry!) or use a better method of sealing the pack than I did.

Have fun with the heat!

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