Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Tesco Gluten Free Syrup Steamed Puddings

steamed syrup pudding
Comfort On A Plate
Microwave for less than a minute and you'll have this indulgent syrup steamed pudding on your plate. Have to admit, you don't actually get that much syrup, I added a fair amount myself. If you're going to have a syrup pudding you may as well have a syrup pudding, there's no thought of calories here.

tesco gluten free steamed syrup pudding
Indulgence In A Box
I'm really impressed with the texture of these puddings, they're moist and lighter than expected but very filling all the same.

steamed pudding
Straight Out Of The Box
I love these because they are so easy to prepare, you just take a pot out of the box, remove the foil lid and pop into the microwave (you can also steam them but that takes 20 minutes). Depending on the wattage of your oven you cook for either 40 or 50 seconds and it's done.

One thing to be very cautious of is how hot the pot is, you'll need a tea towel or oven gloves to put it onto a plate. Once it's cooled a little you just turn the pot upside down put back on the plate and tap the top.

gluten free steamed pudding
Hey Presto!
The syrup isn't enough in my opinion so an extra helping works wonders. If you want a comforting, hot gluten free dessert that's super fast, this is a great one to go for. There's also a chocolate version available which I'm yet to try.

I could do with one of these right now. Dark nights, noisy neighbours and the constant fight against germs has taken it's toll. I was quite looking forward to Christmas, now I'm thinking roll on January, this year has been crappola.

Ending on a positive note, I think I'm going to give baking another go. I was quite impressed with my first attempt.

Yep, baking. I'm quite clearly depressed, I may turn into Bree Van De Kamp.

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