Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Continental By Thorntons - No Gluten Containing Ingredients

thorntons continental
My Chocolate Heaven

For me no other box of chocolates comes close to Thorntons Continental. I even like the Valencia which is a combination of chocolate and orange, not a flavour combination that I'm usually a fan of. This box of chocolates is pig out perfection.

Once upon a time some boxes of Thorntons were labelled as gluten free, now the labelling states no gluten containing ingredients. When it's possible for a gluten free labelled product to have as much as 20ppm of gluten in, I'm happy with this labelling. My weight conscious side is not.

thorntons continental chocolates
As you can see there's a great selection (I've only eaten a few!), perfect for those who like dark, milk and white chocolate. If I had to pick a favourite it would be the one in the gold foil with the black sticker, that's the Diplomat, milk chocolate with roasted almonds and hazelnuts.

For the dark chocolate lovers there are Cherry Truffle and Valencia, milk chocolate lovers can enjoy the Thorntons Signature which is 100% cocoa butter, the Diplotmat, Chocolate Riche which has butter truffle inside, Viennese Truffle a lovely light mousse encased in chocolate and sugar, Catalana brimming with honeycomb and caramel, Ganache Au Marc De Champagne which as the name suggests is a champagne ganache, Mousse Au Chocolate a lightly whipped mousse coated in milk chocolate with dark and white chocolate spinkles, Hazelnut Slice which is praline with chopped hazelnuts and the Alpini a hazelnut and almond praline with fine white chocolate sprinkles.

For white chocolate fans there's the Cappuccino which is a coffee mousse encased in white chocolate, the Vanilla Truffle that explains its delicious self, and the Sicilian Lemon Mousse which is a mixture of white and milk chocolate with a sweet lemon centre.

If you aren't wanting to stick your face into a box of Thorntons Continental Chocolates after that run through you must hate chocolate!

As with all Thorntons chocolates you get great quality with delicious flavours. I've sampled many versions of free from chocolates and not only do they not taste like quality chocolate, they usually leave an unpleasant aftertaste which is hard to get rid of. Being gluten free and able to enjoy these luxurious mousses, truffles and pralines is an utter joy.

If you want the same selection as I have you can find them here.

Put any other kind of chocolate in front of me and I would find it easy to resist, with these? I'm on a self imposed limit of two per day and it's incredibly hard to stick to!

Thorntons rock.


  1. Thankyou just became sick with celiac so knowing I can have sweet treats at christmas is satisfying :)

  2. Yay! I know that feeling, it's lovely :)

  3. hi which flavours have egg in continental pack?

  4. Individual chocolate ingredients aren't listed so I'm afraid I can't help.

    Thorntons will probably be able to advise you though:

    Hope that helps.


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