Monday, 11 June 2012

How To Open A Jar

Simple right? Not when it's stuck. Same for bottle tops too. There's been a couple of things recently that have proved impossible for me to open, one being Mirin bottles. Once opened, if the Mirin drips down the top of the bottle and then the lid is put back on it's incredibly difficult to re-open because it's such a sticky substance. I have mentioned this trick before but I've been using it time and time again recently so we took photos.

This trick has worked on both bottles and jars, no effort required!

how to easily open a jar
Use Rubber Gloves!
No matter how hard it is to open a jar or a bottle with your bare hands, if you wear rubber gloves the top comes off in an instant!

how to easily open a bottle
So Easy!
I've not been beaten yet using this method. It works a treat.

Not the most exciting of posts seeing as this is the 200th on Free From G but it's a great tip! I've spent so much time over the years wrestling with jars and bottles that refuse to open, usually having to ask my Dad or OH to assist. If they aren't around I've resulted to putting bottle tops in between doors and door frames, closing to grip and twisting the bottle. It rarely worked. Jars have been placed in between draws and all manner of methods have been used.

All it takes is a pair of rubber gloves to easily open a stubborn jar or bottle! Who knew?!

Been having a lovely time watching the French Open, next is Queens (if the rain ever stops).

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