Monday, 16 November 2015

Schar Gluten Free Goodies

Schar Gluten Free
Just A Few Bits
Everyone who was a fan of DS Gluten Free will no doubt be very aware of the name change to Schar, it's just taken me forever to get around to writing what I think of both the goodies they sent me and the various supermarket visits - not just in London! - to find them.

First off, if you know this blog then you'll know what a huge fan and supporter I was of DS. If you're new to Free From G, Hello! I hope you'll stick around while I get my act together for the new year. I loved DS Gluten Free products.

So seeing as how they've just re-branded - not changed - the existing stuff, obviously, I still love it all! Same products, pretty vibrant new packaging, all good. I firmly stand by my opinion that DS, now Schar gluten free bread, is THE best gluten free bread out there. It amazes me when we go shopping and there's none of the shelves, that there must still be demand for these other brands because the sections are always filled with that..... I was going to write shite but I thought better of it.


Seriously, we've tried every brand going, usually because we couldn't get DS. And each and every single time we've ended up throwing the stuff away. There's just no comparison. So if you're reading this and Schar gluten free bread isn't your go to loaves, go try it please. You'll have a bready awakening for sure. Same with the rolls, all of them.

With the Schar re-branding comes some old favourites of mine; Chocolate Fingers and Mini Os. I think they used to be under the Tru Free brand. So good to have these delicious treats back.

If you haven't tried them I highly recommend the Breakfast Breaks and the Chocolix (which is proving the most elusive product we've tried to find in store) is basically a single, fatter finger, gluten free Twix. Seriously good.

I haven't tried the pasta ready meals because I'm not that into pasta, nor the improved Margherita pizza, I went off of pizza a while back. If the other products are anything to go by, they're sure to be lovely though.

Not that it's a huge deal by any means, but it would be lovely to have access to the full range in one place. Over the years we've gone hunting for the newly named Schar bread in various Tesco stores, now we've upped our game to include Sainsbury's and Morrisons. The latter of which we've had more success with for the treats, Sainsbury's no luck except for the Chocolix. Where's the bread?!

I'm currently smug as we have a loaf and a half in the kitchen. These were obtained by The Glutenite (who really isn't much of a Glutenite these days!) scaling the free from section in Tesco and rummaging in boxes for bread treasure. Okay, it wasn't as dramatic as that, he's super tall, he didn't scale so much as reach, but he did rummage :p

So yes, goodbye DS Gluten Free, Hello Schar! A huge tip of the hat from here.

I cannot believe that my last post was in June. JUNE?! I'm not in any way joking when I say I've mainly been sleeping since then. It's been a horrible year, horrible 18 months actually for the most part. On the flip side of the darkest times, there's also been a lot of light in recent months thanks to The Glutenite (I think I'll start calling him G) whisking me off to my beloved Sussex lots.

I made a new Sussex friend!

Wasn't great timing when I happened upon the really scary scene from The Birds (which I'd never seen before) late one night whilst flicking through the channels. A couple of days later we were surrounded by dozens of these guys. Who. Are. Not. Shy! And who love to pitter patter with their big claws on the roofs of cars. I'm used to it again now but that first time after years of being away and seeing the attack scene in that film? Bit on edge. Hahahaha.

The dream now is to move back, to hopefully one day in the not too distant future be writing a Free From G post from our new home in beautiful Sussex.

We need a plan.

Write soon,

Lee x

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